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Spawned prefabs receive scene override on static setting


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Hey there, 

I've been looking into the documentation and in the Forum here now for a bit, but so far I couldn't find a solution for my problem. 

I'm using Unity 2021.2.11 with GeNa Pro and the prefabs I'm spawning are receiving scene overrides for the static settings. They are no different from the setting in the prefab, but when I wated to change the setting on the prefab to - for example - static but "no batching static" the scene override stops me from actually having that setting in my scene. Am I missing a Spawner setting that stops static overrides? I tried with a new blank scene and had exactly this issue. 

Can anyone tell me where I can change this behaviour?

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Hey there, 

thanks for your help! 

here's the screenshot

The GeNa settings do not follow my prefab settings. 

I think I did find my problem now: 
I believe my issue is when I add a prefab to a spawner it works fine. No overrides. But when I afterwards change the static settings in the prefab the settings in the spawner stay the way they were before which results in an override. So changing the prefab doesn't change the settings in the spawner. 
I hope I could explain it well enough... 

I don't know if this is wanted behaviour, but to me this is quite inconvenient. 

I'm looking forward to your answer! 

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I just noticed that within one spawner the prefab settings and the spawner settings are identical, and yet I get overrides in the scene on the static setting. I believe there were no changes on the static settings of the prefab. So I'm confused now... 😅

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