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  • How Canopy works.
    Canopy is FREE to all users. You can sign up, and browse our forums and articles as you please.
    To make posts and get support from us you must either be an existing customer, or a subscriber.
    If you are an existing customer then you need to sign up, and then, contact us with your invoice number.
    If you are a subscriber, then you will automatically get access to the benefits associated with your subscription level.
    If you have more questions you the please read our FAQ or contact us.
    I am an existing customer, how do I get full access to the forums?
    Sign up, and then contact us by clicking on this link and send the invoice number for any one of our products. We will usually enable your access within 24 hours. We will to make a bot to automate this in the near future, so thank you for your patience.
    Why would I choose a subscription over an outright purchase?
    Outright purchases are subject to an annual upgrade fee, subscriptions are always up to date.
    Subscriptions offer more product and are in general far cheaper than outright purchases.
    Professional and Studio subscriptions also offer a regularly increasing set of additional content.
    Professional and Studio subscriptions enable you to vote on what we make for you every month.
    Studio subscriptions also offer ticketed and one on one priority support.
    What’s included in the different subscriptions?
    You can check this out on the subscriptions page.
    How do I access my subscriptions assets?
    Assets downloads on Canopy are only available to subscribers. If you purchased our assets from another store, you can continue to access them there like usual. Asset packages can be downloaded and imported into Unity just like any other .unitypackage. You import them into Unity by dragging then into your project hierarchy, and can then use them as usual. Note: You may need to rename your downloaded file to end with .unitypackage in order for Unity to recognize it. This is a known issue and is being worked on.
    What happens if I cancel my subscription?
    You are free to continue to use the assets that you have downloaded for as long as you want. You will no longer get updates or support.
    Can other people use my Canopy assets?
    No they can not. The license offered here is one license per seat. Every person in a project that uses our assets must also have the same subscription level. The exception to this rule is the Studio subscription. Studio subscriptions are designed for studios and teams, and only one subscription is required.
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