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Found 21 results

  1. Hey there, I've been looking into the documentation and in the Forum here now for a bit, but so far I couldn't find a solution for my problem. I'm using Unity 2021.2.11 with GeNa Pro and the prefabs I'm spawning are receiving scene overrides for the static settings. They are no different from the setting in the prefab, but when I wated to change the setting on the prefab to - for example - static but "no batching static" the scene override stops me from actually having that setting in my scene. Am I missing a Spawner setting that stops static overrides? I tried with a new blank scene and had exactly this issue. Can anyone tell me where I can change this behaviour? Thanks!
  2. EpicVr

    Gena spawn problem

    Hello, I have a problem with spawning in Gena pro. In my scene when I create a spawner Gena doesn't generate light probes and doesn't spawn anything, even green dots don't show up when I sample terrain. I quickly made another scene and there everything works fine. Does anyone know what might cause that?
  3. NicoMozes

    Texture Extension not present?

    Hi There! I was looking at the Highlights video for the road system, and for some reason the Texture Extension that is used here is not present on the Gena Pro? When adding a Road Spline, it appears listed on the Connected Extensions, but when selecting it to follow along the video, the console throws a NullReference Exception and the spline becomes fully read and unusable. I can see the other extension scripts, but the Texture is not there. Is that correct? How can I get that extension? The console error is: NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object GeNa.Core.GeNaTerrainExtensionEditor.OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Editor/Extensions/GeNaTerrainExtensionEditor.cs:80) GeNa.Core.SplineEditor.ExtensionPanel (System.Boolean helpEnabled) (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Editor/SplineEditor.cs:1144) PWCommon5.EditorUtils.Panel (UnityEngine.GUIContent panelLabel, System.String helpKey, System.Action`1[T] contentMethod, UnityEngine.GUIStyle labelStyle, System.Boolean ignoreGuiChange, System.Boolean defaultStatus, System.Boolean showVersionNumber, UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[] options) (at <5e780e565d3b4b63836c767b4e8e9d7f>:0) PWCommon5.EditorUtils.Panel (UnityEngine.GUIContent panelLabel, System.String helpKey, System.Action`1[T] contentMethod, System.Boolean ignoreGuiChange, System.Boolean defaultStatus, System.Boolean showVersionNumber, UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[] options) (at <5e780e565d3b4b63836c767b4e8e9d7f>:0) PWCommon5.EditorUtils.Panel (System.String nameKey, System.Action`1[T] contentMethod, System.Boolean defaultStatus, UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[] options) (at <5e780e565d3b4b63836c767b4e8e9d7f>:0) GeNa.Core.SplineEditor.OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Editor/SplineEditor.cs:694) UnityEditor.UIElements.InspectorElement+<>c__DisplayClass59_0.<CreateIMGUIInspectorFromEditor>b__0 () (at <b91b1302fac5442b87d8c7d7002f3ab8>:0) UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean&) Thanks in advance! Nico
  4. Heffe

    Player Building

    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to setup a system where the player can place buildings (prefabs) on my GAIA generated world. Now I have a "blueprint" mode where the player can see and move the building before confirming the placement. My problem here is that I am using a terrain decorator to flatten the terrain under the building. Is there any support or way to give the player also a view at the new terrain in the blueprint mode before the building is placed? Kind regards, Heffe
  5. Hello. I've got a problem with GeNa Pro. I wanted to spawn some grass so I used the Add Grass button in the spawner inspector but when I try to actually spawn the grass (the grass comes from Gaia using Giant Forest Biome), it doesn't care about the spawner's settings, it just spawns always the same range etc. and it leaves a huge red dot in the chosen place. Is this a known issue? I couldn't find any specific thread about this (or I'm just unskilled with looking), so I'm not sure if this is some common issue, or something completely new. Cheers!
  6. Paul R

    Flora custom assets

    Hello, I've got a question about Flora. I've noticed it uses its own mesh to generate the details based on the given grass textures. But can I actually use my own grass prefabs instead? The problem is the spawned Flora objects have a Default layer, which in my case is a huge NO-GO because I need them to use a specific layer that my other camera uses. Also, can I use Flora outside of Gaia as long as I have objects spawned by GeNa (but not spawned as Details, just game objects, because as I said, I don't want to generate them based on the texture, but I want to use my own prefabs instead because of the Layers problem) on unity terrains? Or do the objects used by Flora need some specific settings? Cheers!
  7. Hey everyone, I've been doing some fooling around with GeNa Pro and Gaia Pro 2021 recently for my game. I have found that when splitting my Gaia world into tiles and using GeNa's runtime API to spawn objects (as is required within my game), the prefabs and objects that GeNa spawns do so on the water on unloaded tiles, probably just due to the fact that the tiles don't exist. I was wondering if there was a fix to this, or a way that I could work around it. One idea I thought might work would be to enable all terrains at the start, generating the objects, then disabling terrains out of sight as the loader does already. This would require some modifications of the Terrain Loader script, so I am cautious about doing anything to it for the time being. Thank you!
  8. Hello guys! I noticed that Gaia and GeNa don't have assembly definitions. I think this might be slowing down my compilation times. Are there any plans to add assembly definitions to them later on? Thanks in advance!
  9. I have been working on intersections for the "Early Access" Extrusion Pro plugin for GeNa Pro. As I progress, I will put snapshots here for public comment. Working on UV's at the moment...
  10. Alejandro Anguizola

    Multiple issues getting started.

    Just wanted to share multiple issues I ran into, haven't found them on the forum or in known issues. I am using Unity 2021.3.4f1 LTS and GeNA Pro 3318. I wasn't able to follow the steps in the Quickstart guide encountering multiple hurdles in the first few minutes of the video. First Issue I created a terrain like the one shown in the video, without a spawned biome. When creating a new palette and adding a tree I get an error: "You must have an active terrain that also has trees defined in order to add tree resources. I created a tree but was unsure how to set the terrain as an active terrain. I feel like this is something worth adding tot he workflow explanation if its something new. I got around this by creating generating a biome and deleting the trees. Second Issue I decided to keep going with the quickstart guide, around 3:05 there is an undo option that I don't have. I have discard changes or save changes, but they are disabled. Third Issue: At 3:50 in the video there is a functionality where if you hold down shift and move the mouse around the scene, the green circle of spheres follow the cursor. As I try doing this the green circle stays still on my last shift clicked location. - Just went back to this to try to replicate, still have the same issue, with the added problem that the green spheres are flickering. Fourth Issue: Since I didn't have the demo assets I decided to create my own prefab for spawning, a cube to represent the houses, with smaller rectangles as fences and a capsule. It was working fine, but when I added the Ge Na Transfrom decorator and re-ingested it, the prefab would spawn without any mesh renderers (even though the prefab has them). Possible Fifth issue: Not sure if this one is an issue or not, but did see the red circle highlighted as an issue on another post. I have a red circle when adding grass to the spawner. NGL, a bit frustrated. Don't know how many of these issues are Unity Version issues, or things I might be overseeing on my part.
  11. How do I ensure that Gena isn't renaming objects and retains both or either layers/tags of the original object. Currently everything is being set to 'default' and untagged regardless of prior settings which negates any time saved with Gena unfortunately because that must now be spent manually reassigning these things. Is there a way to retain the way prefabs were setup before Gena Spawns them?
  12. I have made a terrain using Gaia Pro in SRP. I have used Gena Pro for creating path. Now I want to migrate my project from SRP to URP. When i try to do that I get error and the loading gets freeze at Importing assets. Please see the Screen shots. Image 1: https://ibb.co/g9k12Fp Image 2: https://ibb.co/H2LTD3n
  13. Hello, I'm trying to get the hang of Gena but I'm finding the spawn system a bit cumbersome now that I'm fully using it in conjunction with Gaia. Perhaps I'm not using it correctly so would like to get some advice on how to have to a 'nondestructive' workflow. Based on my understanding - Gena is supposed to be the PW tool to accomplish this type of 'targeted world spawn' as opposed to Gaias procedural placement system. It seems it's more of spawn brush tool based on my experience with the tool, documentation and youtube tutorials. Is there away to actualize this targeted spawn capabilities? Here is my use case / user story: I have a specific town variant / instance I am trying to spawn in a specific place along the beach - lets say "Beach Town" - there is only one of these towns and it's placement is specific to the story / world. For this example lets say that Beach Town was initially 'Gena click placed' (aka spawned by clicking in Gena on the terrain) at x250 y5 z250. [Time passes] Now I get an update request from my team with changes to make to Beach Town on varying levels. I add in (hypothetically) another 'block' to the town (one more street and set of buildings and say a few NPC placements that weren't there before). My Issue simplified (hopefully) Once I place the Beach Town 'instance' & 'palette prototypes' in the world (leveraging Gena Decorator / unpacker etc) and then need to make updates - I am finding that the only way to update that 'Beach Town Instance' with new objects is to fully remove it from the scene hiearchy and then re-place the beach town instance in the world. This is what i would term a destructive workflow and one that eats up times with having to remove and replace every time I have to add a house or any otherwise object / prefab. Is there any way to 'set' a Gena Spawn up so it ALWAYS spawns at that point and I can make changes to the root prefabs and have them be 'added' in as they are in said prefab. No disrespect intended as I value these tools but it feels like any spawned utility obtained from Gena is lost by having to remove/replace Workflow Solution? If there is a workflow solution to this to remove the destructive elements of the workflow please please let me know. If not - I feel Gena's utility and UX would benefit incredibly from a 'Update Spawned Instances' button that would 'refresh' / update your spawned instances with any changes / new ingested prototypes made at the spawner manager level. Thank you for reading - hoping the fix is a workflow one
  14. Hello, I've made a basic spawner with a collection of a few prefabs and am trying to spawn it along a Gena Spline. When I click Spawn or Iterate it flashes for a second but nothing actually spawns or appears along the spline. I tossed on a road component and that displays just fine along the spline. Nothing is in the console and nothing is reported when I click spawn / iterate. I don't think I've made anything particularly complex here. Is there something I should know about with Spawners & Splines thats not in the documentation? Or is this a bug? Thank you!
  15. I am encountering this weird behavior where GeNa only considers slopy terrain as valid placement target. So far I've tried these: Initially I discovered that my terrains are in a layer called "Terrain" but GeNa wasn't configured to react to this layer. I fixed that. I've turned off all other objects and colliders. Just a Microsplat (converted after Gaia) terrain remains I've turned off and on every single Placement Criteria and Spawn Criteria options. This seems like a slope issue but turning off the slope consideration doesn't work either Finally I've raised height just a tiny bit in a secluded area of the terrain. Then it started working. That made me thought if slope settings might be problematic. I've attached the visual and the spawner settings. What do you think might be the problem?
  16. gabriel_fuentesGD

    GeNa Pro 3.3.16 - Road Carve Issue

    Hey guys! I've been using GeNa Pro (3.3.14) to make some roads for my environment, didn't had any issues during that version. However, when I updated to the recent version (3.3.16), carving is not working as intended, the preview is not appearing and I'm getting the following consistent error every time I press the carve extension: "GeNaCarve.compute: Kernel at index (0) is invalid UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace () GeNa.Core.GeNaCompute:Dispatch (int,int,int,int) GeNa.Core.TerrainTools:CarveTerrain (UnityEngine.Terrain,GeNa.Core.GeNaSpline,System.Collections.Generic.List`1<GeNa.Core.GeNaCurve>,GeNa.Core.TerrainEntity) GeNa.Core.TerrainTools:GenerateTerrainEntity (GeNa.Core.TerrainModifier,GeNa.Core.GeNaSpline) GeNa.Core.GeNaCarveExtension:Visualize () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Runtime/Extensions/GeNaCarveExtension.cs:138) GeNa.Core.GeNaCarveExtension:OnSceneGUI () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Runtime/Extensions/GeNaCarveExtension.cs:95) GeNa.Core.GeNaSplineExtension:SceneGUI () GeNa.Core.GeNaSpline:OnSceneGUI () GeNa.Core.SplineEditor:OnSceneGUI () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Editor/SplineEditor.cs:156) UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)." Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated! Carving extension working as intended in version 3.3.14: Here's the carve extension in version 3.3.16 in a test scene with the consistent error and the preview not working properly:
  17. The following image shows the experimental, early access, Extrusion Pro cross section being extruded to create a small damn. Subscribers can get the early access version in the "We Make For You - Early Access" menu in Downloads.
  18. Clyde

    Creating a Lake with a Dam.

    Create an area on your terrain to hold a lake. If you want a dam with a river flowing from it, pick a place for the lake that has good drainage on one side. Now, you can create a plane and size and move it to where it shows how a level spot will look, so that you can modify the terrain to get what you want using the Unity terrain tools. You can show and hide the plane as you work on the area. Next, create a river with only 2 Nodes/Points with the start node at the far end (2nd node near the dam, if you plan to make one). Use the "Smooth" spline button whenever you move a Node/Point. You may need to move the nodes to get the river/lake level and flowing the right direction. The nodes should be near the same height. You can modify the terrain under each node to get the correct water level, along with the "Start Depth" value. Adjust the River Width, Vertex Distance and Bank Overstep to cover the area. If the bank doesn't meet up with the edge of the lake, you may need to modify the terrain slightly. Next, place a Dam model or use the new Extrusion Pro Extension of GeNa Pro to create a dam. Make adjustments to the lake spline River Extension for the Start/End Cap Distance to keep from pushing through the Dam model and to make sure it reaches the back edge of the Dam. Then, create a new GeNa Pro Spline and add a River Extension to create the river flow that comes from the Dam. Note that, because we used 2 separate splines for the Lake and the River, we can place them at different heights. That is it for this tutorial. If you have any questions on the process that I did not cover for your needs, please feel free to ask.
  19. Using 2 separate splines to create a dam.
  20. What are the product differences? While there are several different examples here is a basic guideline for the products: Gaia Products are for world development, global spawning, imposter generation, mesh generation, streaming, world systems, etc. GeNa Pro is level design, runtime spawning, advanced spawning, roads, rivers, etc. Ambient Sounds is for soundscapes, and audio control. Pegasus is for cutscenes and trailers, and AI driving. Sectr is for streaming (things like open world dungeons, etc.) Advanced culling, and some other really cool stuff (referring to what you can accomplish (FireWatch GDC talk as example).
  21. Adam

    Fantasy Kingdom

    Created with Gaia Pro 2021 and GeNa Pro, and the Fantasy Kingdom Spawner pack!
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