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Create beautiful worlds that make you look like a pro

Starting out, or already a pro or studio?
Our easy-to-use world and game building tools for Unity 3D deliver the visuals and performance you and your team need for success.
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Student, Indie, Professional or Studio, our award winning world creation tools support and feed your success.

Create worlds faster

Our award winning tools create stunning landscapes and scenes in minutes and hours instead of days and weeks. Create deserts, islands, forests, lakes, roads, villages and kingdoms, or anything you can imagine.

Focus on your game play

Let us do the heavy lifting while you focus your energy on your story and gameplay; our tools create worlds in which to explore your passion and creativity, so you can be the difference that makes the difference.

Have fun making magic

There is something special about pressing the generate button and then exploring your creation. Create a world, drop in one of our game ready templates to bring it to life, and then play it with your friends!

Everything you need

Our award winning toolset and a steadily growing collection of asset packs provides everything from world creation, optimization, streaming, biomes, game templates and more. Level up your creativity with regular new releases and quality support.

Great for artists

Whether starting with a blank canvas, or wanting to be inspired, leverage the power of our artist driven procedural generation systems, with intuitive interfaces, real time previews, and rapid iteration cycles in order to bring your vision to life as you create beautiful environments for your games.

Great for developers

Use the world designer to create amazing environments with a few clicks. Change their look with our pre-made biomes and get great results fast. Call our API's to automate and customize your worlds at design time or runtime as you please!

Level up your capability

Canopy provides, a library of tutorials, technical deep dives, and access to a community of your colleagues with informaton on everything from lighting to game and level design to A.I. and programming.

Join the community

Canopy is a great way to connect with other people in your community. Ask a question in the forums, share your portfolio in the gallery, or just hang out and message your friends. Creating games is better together!

Lifetime support

Overcome roadblocks, hurdles, and pain points. Got a question? Search the forums, as chances are someone has already asked it. Need more help? Ask us in the forums and we will answer. Don't forget to check out the library for tutorials and deep dives.

An amazing offer from Procedural Worlds!

Get over $1000 of value for just $39 per seat per month with our Pro Subscription.

We make it for you (as decided by the community).
Early access to tools updates before they land on the asset store.
New assets and tools are added regularly. Grows over time.
Access to our optimization system, increase your framerate by up to 800%!
Art, biomes, game ready levels, & game templates. Create, play and learn.
For professional and studio subscribers only.
You asked and we are making
Suntail Fantasy Village & Azure Nature spawner packs.
Castle Valley cliffs spawner pack.
Desert biome and spawner pack.
Underwater corals/foliage biome and spawner pack.
Low poly Fields of colour spawner pack.
Gaia mask creation by painting directly on the terrain.
Slopes and paths stamp packs.

Our Community empowers your Creative Growth


A powerhouse of resources and tutorials to share learning.


An expanding collection of tools, assets and content to create rich and interesting worlds.


A place to exchange new techniques, ideas and big visions.


A community with the power to decide what we make next.

Full of mystery and wonder
“A forest is much more than you can see” (Suzanne Simard). Ecologists now know that trees communicate and share resources. Canopy, too, is a place to grow with a community passionate about creating amazing worlds and games.

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About Gaia Pro 2021

"Great tool for terrain design time saver"

"This tool saves you a tone of time in making a realistic terrain. For me it is a one stop solution for all terrain related design."

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About GeNa Pro

"GeNa Pro is Magic!!"

"I swear that GeNa Pro is PURE Magic!! ...I got GeNa Pro just 2 hours after I bought Gaia Pro 2021 and I recommend on having BOTH!!"

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About Canopy

"Cannot Find The Right Words To Express"

"You cannot go wrong by getting professional subscription because it has really helped me get everything done and to enjoy doing it".

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Our credentials

Procedural Worlds is a Unity service delivery partner, an Intel software innovator and partner, and works with top enterprises and studios around the globe.

Used by 100,000+ customers

Voted Best Artistic Tool by the community

Over 1,000 five star ratings

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