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Gena spawn problem

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Hello, I have a problem with spawning in Gena pro. In my scene when I create a spawner Gena doesn't generate light probes and doesn't spawn anything, even green dots don't show up when I sample terrain. I quickly made another scene and there everything works fine. Does anyone know what might cause that?

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A classic issue can be that Gizmos are not enabled in the scene view 
but you would normally get a warning on the spawner if that is the case. Another first thing to check would be to switch off all spawn criteria to make sure that GeNa would spawn everywhere, like so:


If you see the green spheres then, this most likely means one of the spawn criteria was the limiting factor, e.g. a slope check was set up and the area where you were shift clicking into was too steep for spawning.

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I checked and I have every gizmo enabled. I tried switching off all the spawn criteria and this doesn't work either. I don't see green dots and nothing is spawning. Only force spawn works but it only spawns one tree at a time. My settings look like this:


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Can you please enable force spawn and then change the instances. 5 - 10 or something like this. 
Also please make sure that you are using Shift + Click before trying to spawn. 


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I did this and it's still only spawning 1 tree at the centre of the circle. Green dots still don't show up.  My settings look like this:


When I create a spawner on other scenes light probes folder is created in the hierarchy but not in this scene. I wonder if this has any meaning 

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On 12/1/2022 at 1:48 AM, Manny said:

Hey @EpicVr,

Could you please confirm if you are still running into the same issue with the latest version of GeNa Pro?

Hi, @Manny

In the latest version of Gena Pro this problem dosen't appear 

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