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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I've made a basic spawner with a collection of a few prefabs and am trying to spawn it along a Gena Spline. When I click Spawn or Iterate it flashes for a second but nothing actually spawns or appears along the spline. I tossed on a road component and that displays just fine along the spline. Nothing is in the console and nothing is reported when I click spawn / iterate. I don't think I've made anything particularly complex here. Is there something I should know about with Spawners & Splines thats not in the documentation? Or is this a bug? Thank you!
  2. Gettinng IT up

    Making splotchy grass.

    My grass is a little to consistent and i would like to make it a little more splotchy/ patchy. should i just add a noise mask to the spawners? any screen shots would be great!
  3. Hi! So I have this problem, that I can't get working the Alpine Meadow Spawner (just swapping etc did not play with masking and so on left all on default) with my Terrain Details Prefabs. Unity 2021.2.8f1 URP (latest) I must use 2021+ because I have a Dog Modell and it's hair made with Fluffy Grooming tool. Using: NatureManufacture Mountain Environment Nature Shaders from Visual Design Cafe ---- I tried to use Prefab_grasses - with any Option I'm able to set regarding to shader, Prefab, or as Nature Asset Prefab via Nature Shader: if I simply drag this in the Scene, all good. If I use the Bushes or Trees all good. Only the Terrain Detail with Render Mode Grass using any Prefab don't wan't to be visible when Spawned with the Spawner. I't say it generated many many hurray but none of them wanna appear - both editor and game. Standard 2D texture ones are fine. Checked Culling, Camera Occlusion can't be the problem. The NS can't be also, with the original prefab happens the very same. NS I using for making NatureManufacture Assets to be interactive : Wind, or Collide with characters/objects. Thank you in Advance.
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