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  1. Hi, The bug is if I simply select a Gena spawner in the project, Unity Editor hangs a bit and then my fps tanks the next time i run the game. This is what it looks like in the profiler: Unity version is 2020.3.30f1 Help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Would I be able to generate a terrain with predefined shape and stamps settings on startup of the the unity application? Psuedo code- RunApplication() { GenerateTerrain(size: 400, rivers: 4, mesas: 10, shapeStrength: 1.5, shapeFrequence: 10); LoadRestOfApplicationUsingGeneratedTerrain() }
  3. Bharat Sharma

    Gena River spline questions

    Hello I carve the terrain, but the spline never got adjusted. Thanks
  4. Hello! I have a Road Spline in my scene, and I'd like to spawn "debris" randomly along the outside of the road. I've set up a GeNa spawner, and added a number of prototypes - broken carts, boxes, busted barrels, broken wheels, that sort of thing. I've configured the spawner, and am able to successfully spawn random stuff by CTRL + clicking in the scene. Back to my Road Spline, and I've added a GeNa Spawner Extension. I've set the flow rate, range, align to ground and align to spline. I drag in my GeNa Spawner into the Spawner fields of the Spawner Extension. When I click "Spawn" in the Spawner Extension on the Spline - nothing happens. I was expecting the Spawner to spawn random game objects along the length of the spline. Any idea what I could be doing wrong? Many thanks again!
  5. Team, I love the hell out of Gaia, there's very little you make that I don't own, and I recommend them to people endlessly. But it is absolutely maddening to bring Gaia 2021 into a brand new project and get errors about photo mode and Gaia Utils not working because the Characters class isn't present from Unity Standard Assets. Those files haven't been updated in years. Why does Gaia need me to bring in Ethan, and some car model and 5yr old scripts to have things like photo mode and a simple character controller. It's just so frustrating to import and go to get started and every script in the project then falls over because now I've got console errors from a dependency that makes no sense. Can Proc Worlds not just make a simple controller for these things and be contained on it's own?
  6. Skier7792

    Error Problem

    I am getting a locking errors that says Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Scripts\Photo Mode\PhotoMode.cs(15,27): error CS0234:. I recently upgraded to unity 2021.3.10f.1 and just bought Gaia Pro 2021. How can I unlock unity with these errors?
  7. Bharat Sharma

    Placing small objects

    Hello I trying to place something like this under trees (roots) and some other detail objects near it. Is it possible to use gaia or gena, to place these type of small detail objects. I trying it for a 4k terrain. Placing them one by one will be very tough. Using nature manufacturer- dynamic mountain pack. Thanks
  8. Is there a way I can add a Mesh Renderer and Mesh Filter to a Gaia Terrain in order to use Mesh Baker to bake everything into one Mesh so I can export everything including trees, flowers, etc into ONE mesh?
  9. Xynon

    Gaia and VR

    I just tried getting started with using Gaia in a new VR project. However I am having issues with all of the objects having a shimmering effect. I have tried upping the Eye Resolution as I have seen suggested in many places for this issue in general. Has anyone around here worked with this and gotten it working? In addition, the XR Controller doesnt seem to do much more than point some beams, but I am currently not worrying about that until I can look around without my eyes screaming xD
  10. Mike Wuetherick

    Scene loader feedback

    Just made a new scene, using multi-scene terrain loading, hit play.... kaboom Sure it's an easy fix, but shouldn't it check and/or prompt me to add the scenes to my build settings when I make the new scene like this? Would be nice to auto prompt... or...when I try to run the scene the first time maybe pop a 'hey dummy did you remember to add the scenes to your build settings? here's a handy button to do that .... (which I know exists somewhere in here)'
  11. A strange one this, I have removed the global sequence from the Ambience Manager (see images), then press runtime and it appears again. Is this a bug?
  12. Hi, I am trying to setup some values for for my scenes, and i have noticed that after I close Unity and open it again, the Values that i have just added are not being saved, not sure what I am doing wrong. Moreover, I am testing in my scenes the already pre-set sequence,Time of Day, and I play it once, it works, and if i adjust something on the Values tab for example and then enter play mode again, in the monitor it appears that it is played, but there is no sound, yet, the other sounds like UI sounds and hit sounds that I have, are working, so it is not muted or something. Hopefully you are able to understand my issue and can help me. Looking forward for your feedback! Thanks!
  13. sometime terrain does not appear on editor
  14. SkullAndSmile

    GeNa Pro - Roads per Point Width

    Good Day, I have a question. I would for my road to get less wide between certain points. But it seems like the editing is always for the whole spline. Did I miss anything? Sincerely, Felix Schmidt
  15. Unity Version: 2021.3.0f1 RP: HDRP When Gaia Pro 2021 is doing its setup phase after a fresh install, it is stuck on the "Updating Mesh Colliders" phase. It remains that way for hours. What can I do to fix it?
  16. Diggidy

    Adding Textures

    How do you add textures to the road spline texture extension?
  17. When I go to the designer the terrain is not showing entirely. It did the first few times then it started doing this even after I restarted Unity See attached
  18. Hi, I just have a quick question in regards to the Water system in Gaia. Im unsure if this is a bug or simply a limitation. Ive noticed that I can move the water in the Y coordinates, but if I change the coordinates in X and Z it will look correct in scene mode but the moment I hit play they revert back to the default coordinates that it originally spawned in. Is this a limitation or a bug?
  19. Hi all, I'm trying to create this workflow to import a heightmap from a terrain created in GAEA into unity and then texture it etc. in Gaia. However, I have not been able to figure out how to spawn the exported textures properly on the terrain. I have 2x2 2km x 2km terrains to spawn the 4 exported textures on. I created 1 spawner in my custom biome, just for replacing the height maps of the terrains, with these 4 rules: This seems to spawn the textures correctly at first, then overwrites it with the other steps as the 4 rules are done each terrain. As I understand, I can also put the stamper and rules in local mode, but then 1 of the 4 gets stamped as a tiny version on all 4 terrains. What is the proper way of stamping this terrain? Thanks, Jorik
  20. Folks, I'm sorry to pull up this topic again but I got responce from the other asset developer and they route me back to the PW. The change is don on purpose. Unity's internal API does not provide placement data if the prefab contains a LOD Group, so Nature Renderer changes the registered prefab to the first child of the prefab to work around this issue. It is not possible to disable this behavior of Nature Renderer as Unity also occasionally removes the details or throws an error if the prefab with the LOD Group is registered directly. We recommend contacting the developers of Gaia to ensure that the prefab is recognized by its child as well. Let me sum up the issue: Unity didn't allowing to use LOD prefab as a terrain detail. Nevertheless, Gaia still allows us to put a LOD prefab to unity's terrain detail list directly ignoring the unity warnings (it's perfect, ty). To render this details tho, we need some external rendering system (like Nature Renderer in my case). But according to NR, to make it works this LOD prefab must be replaced with suitable prefab (it's the first child of the LOD group). Since prefab was changed it brokes the Gaia's spawners, cos it expect to see a LOD prefab on a terrain, but there are different object now (first child of the LOD group). So Gaia spawner just spawn the LOD prefab again, and it will be again changed by NR. The solution Nature Renderer propose is to ask Gaia to check not only the root LOD prefab but LOD group's first child when we are working with terrain details. Does it make sense?
  21. Hi, I am having trouble troubleshooting some issues I am having in my game that uses both Gaia and Game Creator. I want to remove Gaia to see if that is the source of my issues. Is there a way to remove it from my Unity Project? At least until I troubleshoot.
  22. Hi, so I am simply trying to randomly scale each tree in a set of trees and each plant in a set of plants on the X / Z axis randomly and I want to be able to fully control the Y axis scale so I can make huge forests and different-sized plants. How do I do the above? If I didn't explain well enough, let me know and I'll do my best to explain better.
  23. When I have multiple terrain blocks and I use spawn Texture or Spawn Tree, my terrain blocks are all messed up, how can this be fixed, thanks
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