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  1. Hello I tried to split 2k terrain into 256 tile size. Sectr is unable to do it. using 2019.4.40 built-in pipeline Low poly style, 2k terrain (mobile resolution)
  2. Hello! I was wondering what purpose the Gaia Scene Player plays in a scene? I am using a custom controller (Invector) that is instantiated from a prefab when the game is started. As such, there is no "Main Player" that I can set in the Gaia Scene Player, not at design time anyway. Is this a "run time" component, or something that lives in the Editor purely to help set up and configure Gaia? Given I don't have a player in the scene, what should I do with the Gaia Scene Player component? Thanks again for your thoughts!
  3. Hi! I'm looking to swap out my use of Enviro with the new Gaia "HDRP Time of Day". It looks absolutely brilliant, and using it will greatly simplify my project overall. I was trying some stuff out recently, and came across the Gaia "Interior Weather Controller". My hopes were dashed when I realised that this does not seem to work with the "HDRP Time of Day" weather. It's designed to work with what I assume is a "legacy" "Procedural Worlds Global Weather" component. Does the "HDRP Time of Day" come with any supporting components for things like interior control? Is there a roadmap for these features, and are they part of Gaia Pro 2021 going forward? I was also wondering if there is some documentation available that explains how to control "HDRP Time of Day" - for example, how to manage the progression of time, programmatically start and stop weather etc. Happy, of course, to look at the code, but if that's an API guide already, then that would be amazing. Many thanks again! Oli Unity: 2021.3.4f1 Gaia Pro: 3.2.4 GeNa Pro: 3.3.18
  4. DekelElz

    Gpu instancer

    Hello, i need a little help here with the GPU Instancer - its write me that the urp shader does not contain gpu instance - but in Gaia manager i can see its have it. i am very bad with shaders and new to gpu instance (just started to learn it to get more fps for my vr project), will be glad to get some guide what i should do to fix it. GPU instance want me to add inside the shader graph the gpu instance. but there is too many things inside and I'm afraid to destroy it somehow.
  5. Mattis89

    Build not working

    Hello! Okay, so to start with , here is my setup : Using opsive character with terrain loader component and Gaia scene player component (I'm using Gaia scene player because I want the culling) . Both components is on the player 1 itself. In runtime in editor , everything works terrains load and unload. In build the screens is black , no sounds. I use developer build with only scripts build and debugger.. build successfully everytime, and no errors. Okay so I 🤔 what the hell... I'm using no floating point fix because my map is small and it's turned off on terrain settings and no script on the terrains. So, when I have loaded all the terrains from all scenes and makes a build the loading screens is displayed - it loads...the character is falling , I can see the sky and sun and camera effects - no terrain , no trees nothing.. Wich is weird ? Okay, then I unload all terrains and build - just black screen, no loading screen, no sound... All terrain scenes are in build settings , main scene at top containg Gaia Runtime and everything coming with Gaia (not Gaia player because I have my own, and only one camera) also , in Gaia manager I have the main scene in the main scene slot because there it says the main scene should be there cuz all magic happends there........ What could be wrong ? I have tried with only my opsive setup and no generated Gaia world , and that works..... @Peter @Bryan
  6. Bharat Sharma

    Hdrp- time of day

    Hello I'm using latest gaia pro on 2021.3.5 hdrp. Night time got completely dark, I'm unable to see anything. Night sky also look a bit dull there. Built-in pipeline Night sky looks way better.
  7. Hello I'm using latest gaia with hdrp. When I generate reflection probe and light probe through lighting tab, memory usage goes high. High enough that scene become unplayable.
  8. I purchased the Gaia 2021 Pro upgrade strictly for the Terrain Addition feature -- which I believe means that I can add additional terrains around my core terrain with continuous topography, right? But I can't find any documentation or tutorials about how to actually to this. Are there any? How do I do it? thanks Dave
  9. A strange one this, I have removed the global sequence from the Ambience Manager (see images), then press runtime and it appears again. Is this a bug?
  10. Is there a good process for adding spawned items after you've spawned a biome? I made a small island and got the roads, houses, etc in the places I liked, let gaia do its thing, but then decided I'd like to add more. How do I add spawned items once this has happened? It seems splines especially don't like to spawn if there's Gaia biome stuff now on it. Thanks.
  11. Unity 2020.3.28f1 (URP) GeNa Pro Version 3.3.17 Namespace: GeNa.Core Classes: GeNaSpawner, GeNaManager I have one scene with multiple terrains. I am using a GeNa spawner for texture-based spawning - this works fine for the Terrain.activeTerrain terrain (= terrain registered first by Unity), but I doesn't work for any other terrain (Terrain[] activeTerrains without Terrain.activeTerrain). It seems like GeNa is using the terrainData of Terrain.activeTerrain for each other terrain in the scene and I just can't figure out, how to tell GeNa to load the terrainData (incl. texture/map information, etc.) of the terrain I want to spawn on. This behaviour is the same when spawning at runtime via code. Spawning on Terrain.activeTerrain works as intended: Spawning on the other terrain (not Terrain.activeTerrain) doesn't work like it should:
  12. Hi, I am trying to setup some values for for my scenes, and i have noticed that after I close Unity and open it again, the Values that i have just added are not being saved, not sure what I am doing wrong. Moreover, I am testing in my scenes the already pre-set sequence,Time of Day, and I play it once, it works, and if i adjust something on the Values tab for example and then enter play mode again, in the monitor it appears that it is played, but there is no sound, yet, the other sounds like UI sounds and hit sounds that I have, are working, so it is not muted or something. Hopefully you are able to understand my issue and can help me. Looking forward for your feedback! Thanks!
  13. TDenney

    Monitor Tab is empty

    The sound Manager Monitor tab being blank and empty when in playmode in Unity 3D. The feature was working sometime last week and I just noticed that it wasn't appearing when I was trying to see if a particular sound was active or blocked in the scene. Anyone have an Idea on what could be causing this issue as well?
  14. I may have overlooked this as its so simple, but is there a way to only play a sequence once? Thanks.
  15. As the title says, I need to save the moment an Audio Clip stops, save the time, and play it when it resumes. I'm trying to find where to play/resume inside AmbienceManager but was not able to. Can someone help me with that? At least to show in which line the audio clip actually starts to play.
  16. Hi there, I'm trying to recreate a real-world map using Gaia and GENA. So my plan was as follows: Use the Real World Terrain plugin as it was a fast way to get the height map and stamp. Use Gaia to generate most of the vegetation and rocks procedurally. Use Image Mask to spawn correct vegetation, and in Photoshop, I can manually (or select by colour) create masks. Use GENA for manual road creation (different types of roads), rivers, and for placing some houses. I mainly managed to do it. But my initial terrain was one large terrain. I'm using an actual image as a texture to adjust things. I noticed that my generated terrain was too small (spawned road, car, and the forest was at least twice bigger). So I increased it and set it to use 2x2 terrain. Then I started to have the issues shown in the image below. Gaia did not split up a texture to be put correctly on terrain. My question would be, what is the easiest and best solution to recreate the real world? I want to use an actual satellite image as base terrain texture (for the reference). Here are some details how large this area is (but I would want even a bit bigger than this one later on): And few more images how it looks like in the editor.
  17. Hi.. am using Ambient sound in my Atavism project. I have a sequence in an audio area which plays music when you are around an INN in the main world. It is then possible to go inside the INN, but that is a transfer to a new zone (scene). Inside the INN, the same sequence is playing (along with some others). Is there, or could there be an option that on scene transfer, if the same Sequence is playing in the new scene that that sequence continues in the new scene and during load, because at the moment it's a little jarring to have the same sequence restart on enrtry to the new scene? I know that without Ambient Audio, I can do this with a normal sound source that uses don't destroy on load, but would like to continue using Ambient. Alternatively, have I just missed an option in Ambient 🙂 Regards Graham Evans
  18. I'm not sure to inquire this here or over at atavism but i am looking for some help. Ive purchased both of your products and they are wonderful. I have used the custom controller when creating a runtime and placed it on atavisms default player controller, all worked well except my character is walking on water and i am in third person mode so when camera goes under water it makes a splash effect instead of player splashing in the water. Tyia 😄
  19. Hi, whenever I try to generate a new terrain or even update an existing terrain, I get this error and a small popup progress box, upon appearing, just freezes at "Updating terrains" and it's slider never moves - ArgumentException: RenderSettings.customReflection is currently not referencing a cubemap. UnityEngine.RenderSettings.get_customReflection () (at /Users/bokken/buildslave/unity/build/Runtime/Export/Graphics/GraphicsManagers.bindings.cs:48) Gaia.TerrainSceneCreator.CopyLightingSettingsToNewScene (UnityEngine.SceneManagement.Scene sourceScene, UnityEngine.SceneManagement.Scene targetScene) (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/Gaia/Gaia Pro/Scripts/MultiTerrainSystem/TerrainSceneCreator.cs:111) Gaia.TerrainSceneCreator.CreateTerrainScene (UnityEngine.SceneManagement.Scene originalScene, Gaia.TerrainSceneStorage terrainSceneStorage, Gaia.GaiaSession session, UnityEngine.GameObject terrainGO, Gaia.WorldCreationSettings worldCreationSettings) (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/Gaia/Gaia Pro/Scripts/MultiTerrainSystem/TerrainSceneCreator.cs:20) The strange thing is Unity editor itself does Not freeze and I can click on gameObjects and menus normally even if this progress box state is frozen. It feels like the editor glitches itself once this error comes up on trying to create a terrain. As of now, the progress box never goes away and I have to manually force quit Unity and restart the project. Nothing happens to the existing terrain upon restarting and no new terrains are created. The problem started when I updated Unity from 2021 to 2022. Please help. Using Unity 2022.1.2f1 on Android platform, running on macOS 12.4 Using current latest Gaia 2021 Pro 3.2.3 Using Built-In pipeline. Attached screenshot of problem : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rgvJQ8IvgpV8REMmLKsud4KFmuMA3cN6/view?usp=sharing
  20. Hi. I am having some biome spawning trouble. I am exploring a way to add terrains after the world designer has created tiles for me, as the map size I'm going for is quite large, and I want to take it one tile at a time. So I create a single tile with the world designer, click the terrain, and add neighbor terrain the usual Unity way. Then I ingest that new terrain to the terrain loader. But when I then try to spawn a biome locally, it clears any intersection between the tiles, with the tile it's encompassing the most being the tile, that recieves the biome. And since it's a large world I'm creating I need to be able to spawn biomes across tiles easily, so the tiles aren't apparent. I'm guessing I need to add the new tiles to some other element for the biomes to register them correctly? But not sure what. As I've tried creating a 2 x 2 map with world designer, which had no problem locally spawning biomes across those tiles. Hope you can help
  21. Isnt new audio areas (zones) supposed to fade in the main world audio? Is not good having both songs playing at the same time? I will get back to this as soon as I have time. I dont like forums I truly hate them and find them antiquated and a waste of time.
  22. Hello, With the latest update to Gaia, Unity is now entering safe mode on launch and is presenting a number of errors. https://postimg.cc/ThL2RsKs Unity version: 2020.3.20f1 HDRP pipeline I followed the steps in the update and removed the Time of Day folder first. Its still broke. I completely removed the Procedural Worlds Folder from the project and pulled a fresh import... and it still broke.
  23. Hi i noticed in my created biome the billboard grass just spawns in some areas, how do you make it spawn in more areas or all?
  24. HI i use my own custom Player Controller which uses it's own camera system. Everything is working well except the billboard grass and flowers don't show up. Why is this? I already selected in the Gaia manager to use a custom player and i dropped in my Camera etc I also want to say before yo told me try changing the flora renders in the terarain to SPLAT . I tried that, but they work fine without being Splat using the Gaia FPS and TPS so i didnt think it was needed. But i n any case i did try it changing it to splat with my custom player and still didn't work.
  25. oskarkogut

    Holes in terrain

    Hi! Our team has been working with Gaia Pro for a longer while now and we really enjoy its functionalities. However, there's a recurring issue we have concerning generating the terrain that we're not sure how to fix. We keep getting holes and cuts in the terrain that are visible in both the editor and play mode, usually at the seams. It's hard to pinpoint the source of the problem, seeing as we've had them appear when generating in the world designer, stamping or spawning biomes. The thing is, we're aiming for a rather large terrain, seeing as our goal is to generate a 4kmx4km terrain split into 128x128m tiles, so you may see that's quite a big issue for us. We've been trying to solve it for a long time now, but we've come up short, so we're hoping you might shed some light on the situation. Additionally, we're aware of the terrain stitcher and have used it before, but it doesn't work very well for us, especially on a larger terrain. It creates a lot of sharp edges and unwanted walls in the terrain that later have to be smoothed manually, especially when used on such a large space. If there's anything we can do when it comes to the project/tool settings or general workflow with Gaia or terrain stitcher, please let us know. We're looking forward to your reply! Thanks and best wishes, Oskar
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