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Gaia and GeNa lack assembly definitions


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Hello guys! I noticed that Gaia and GeNa don't have assembly definitions. I think this might be slowing down my compilation times. Are there any plans to add assembly definitions to them later on?

Thanks in advance!

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I've made this request a few times and will repeat it again here. Not having Assembly Definitions is an absolute pain when it comes to reuse of code through UPM, as well as making in editor compilation significantly faster. Most customers won't notice but anyone with a project of any significant size will thank you profusely for putting them in.

Addressables are not in any way connected.

"By default, Unity compiles almost all of your game scripts into the predefined assembly, Assembly-CSharp.dll.

This arrangement works acceptably for small projects, but has some drawbacks as you add more code to your project:

  • Every time you change one script, Unity has to recompile all the other scripts, increasing overall compilation time for iterative code changes.
  • Any script can directly access types defined in any other script, which can make it more difficult to refactor and improve your code.
  • All scripts are compiled for all platforms."

Unity - Manual: Assembly definitions (unity3d.com)


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The attached images show my two assembly files. Though I have a question. I need to include both:

  • Unity.Addressables.Editor
  • ProceduralWorlds.Flor.Editor

To me this indicate that the runtime somehow have dependencies to editor scripts. This should not be the case or?


editor file.png

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On 4/5/2023 at 2:03 PM, Marius said:

To me this indicate that the runtime somehow have dependencies to editor scripts. This should not be the case or?

It should not, no. We might call functions from the Unity Editor namespace from non-editor scripts, but we should not reference anything placed in "Editor" folders from non-Editor scripts.

What errors are you getting if you do not include those dependencies to the ProceduralWorlds assembly?

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