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Found 9 results

  1. SoulLink Procedural AI Spawner is a new Unity asset in the final stages of beta testing and scheduled for release over the next few weeks. We have just completed integration with Gaia's Procedural Sky System for time of day and weather. In addition to the base integration, we also provide an additional feature in SoulLink to manage your world's temperature based on the time of day, weather conditions, wind, and even elevation. The Spawner is one component of a larger artificial intelligence system that will also utilize time of day and weather integrations. For more information on this new asset, please visit our WIP Unity fourm: AI - [WIP] SoulLink Artificial Intelligence System - Unity Forum or our Discord channel: https://discord.gg/ncW9UmU To see how SoulLink Spawner works with Gaia, please watch this Beta tester tutorial:
  2. RickysSoftware

    GeNa Pro City Generator

    What do you think thus far?
  3. I'm looking for suggestions, tutorials, resources, just plain good advice on how to bridge the visual gap between my immediate Gaia terrain and a canned skybox. I usually use a single terrain, either 1km or 2km on a side, and I'd really like some kind of long big sky vista beyond it. You know, the look of a big open world without having to deal with the reality of it. I'm not too proud to put up an invisible collider to keep my player from falling off, but having them look off into the distance and see the terrain just stop really doesn't appeal to me. So, any suggestions, tools, techniques or url's would be really helpful.
  4. We're new to 3d and I am using Gaia Pro / GeNa Pro to spawn a basic Alpine biome over a 5x5 area and am getting 10-20fps on a 9700k / 2070 in the editor. The editor itself is also so slow it's unusable. We are on HDRP currently and I cannot figure out why static or URP batching is not working. Nothing else at all is in scene, no buildings.. just the Alpine biome. Is there a "bible" of sorts on things you absolutely must do that are not on by default? I'm expecting 100+ fps in a generic world where I don't even have flora spawned. Any help is appreciated.
  5. I posted this request on the discord last year but did not receive any feedback before. Would like a terrain/biome generation system that can take a simple PNG and generate a terrain based on a color legend applied to areas - Apologies for the crude paint but i think it conveys the idea. It would *need* to retain the terrain outline shape while applying the features. (edited) I realize Gaia is capable of making the final out come but it would require a lot of manual stamping and masking I would assume. Looking for some thing more automated but with Gaia's ease of use
  6. Hi there, I partially subscribed to Canopy because of this video: I fell in love with the tool and had to have it, and was really sad when I found out it was discontinued. It is said the Gaia 2021 Pro replaced the features of Ambient Skies, but I've been all over the tools and I can't find anything approaching the same level of control as Ambient Skies, especially with all those absolutely beautiful skies and lighting presets. Am I just missing something in Gaia or has that same functionality not been implemented? Does an old copy of Ambient Skies exist anywhere I could get my hands on? Buy? Or know of a replacement that looks just as drop dead gorgeous? Please let me know if you can help! Thanks!
  7. Are there any plans to include additional water features to support large wave generation?
  8. RickysSoftware

    WIP: World Weaver

    I'm working on a new terrain asset called World Weaver. It will allow the rapid creation of very large game worlds. No need to set up any streaming. Your terrain in its entirety will always be visible no matter the size and it will simply just work. It's compatible with all Procedural Worlds Assets. It won't use up much of your RAM either. It's like magic. It's not magic though. It's World Weaver.
  9. I have figured out how to get the atavism characters to run around on a multi terrain enviroment. It is still very rough, so use at your own risk. Modify Character prefabs in the resources directory: Add TerrainLoader Script, Floating Point Fix ( I have this disabled, as it is causing some issues ) Create a new script, and call it Wait for Terrain. using Atavism; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class WaitForTerrain : MonoBehaviour { private AtavismMecanimMobController3D _controller; private void OnEnable() { _controller = GetComponent<AtavismMecanimMobController3D>(); _controller.enabled = false; } private void FixedUpdate() { RaycastHit hit; if (Physics.Raycast(transform.position, new Vector3(0, -1, 0), out hit, 10)) { if (_controller != null) _controller.enabled = true; } } } This script disables the AtavismMecanimMobController3D component, so that the character does not move. There is a field in that module that prevents characters from moving, but does not have a public property. In the fixedUpdate, i cast a ray down to see if I hit anything. I figure this will cover both terrains and Game Objects that have colliders. And will turn on AtavismMecanimMobController3D component if it hits something. I use the distance 10m figure that should hit 99.99% of the cases. I think if the player flying, they should be on a mount. but you never know. I tried to use the Gaia Pro script, but it appears that the character is spawned in the character selection scene, before the main world is loaded. I have not tested this script for switching scenes like dungeons, etc.
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