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Biome spawn local not working across tiles

Mathias Starcke

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I am having some biome spawning trouble.
I am exploring a way to add terrains after the world designer has created tiles for me, as the map size I'm going for is quite large, and I want to take it one tile at a time.
So I create a single tile with the world designer, click the terrain, and add neighbor terrain the usual Unity way.
Then I ingest that new terrain to the terrain loader.
But when I then try to spawn a biome locally, it clears any intersection between the tiles, with the tile it's encompassing the most being the tile, that recieves the biome.
And since it's a large world I'm creating I need to be able to spawn biomes across tiles easily, so the tiles aren't apparent.

I'm guessing I need to add the new tiles to some other element for the biomes to register them correctly? But not sure what. As I've tried creating a 2 x 2 map with world designer, which had no problem locally spawning biomes across those tiles.

Hope you can help

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