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Switching between characters and cameras

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Hey, this might be a dumb question or impossible ...

Is there a way to configure a Gaia multi-tiled terrain so that the user can switch between characters and cameras?

So usually a main character has the terrain loader script attached and set to load tiles around the character as it moves.

But what if the game/app gave the option for the user to switch between more than one character? or more than one camera at various locations?

I'd assume if I added the terrain loader to each then Gaia would load all the tiles in all the locations of these objects. I see there are loading options but only runtime always, or options for edit mode, not runtime. I'm assuming I'd be looking for something called, "runtime selected"

I'd appreciate your thoughts.


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No thoughts from anyone? I suspect Gaia tile loading at runtime will not work when there are multiple cameras and/or cameras. It seems to me it would require a way to enable and disable each object as the prime terrain loader. I don’t see that as a feature in Gaia today. 

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There is a way to do this, but will require some interesting thoughts. 
HDRP has the ability to do camera stacking, remember that we use the standard asset characters. 
So pretty much anything you can typically do when them you can still do. 

However for Gaia, my thought would be to use the Gaia Custom Player. 
Then dont assign the camera and player to it. 
You will need to have your own script to change out the players and camera. 
Maybe swap on target or on click depending on your game. 

This would be an option. 

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Thank you Bryan. To clarify with the Custom Player, you are saying have multiple custom players without camera and player assigned + scripting ?


I had another thought, Ive not tested it yet, but if I have the terrain loader script added to more than one moving object (ie a NPC or camera) I assume they would be able to roam without falling through the terrain and if I develop a way to switch between NCP/camera the terrain will be already loaded. 

Can I use more than one instance of the terrain loader script?


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