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  1. Hi all, Sorry, if I put this in the wrong place. I wanted to put it in the Unity forum but could not figure out how to create a topic in that forum. I wanted ask a really nube question. Once I have protyped the Gaia landscape I want to use, can I save that as a prefab in Unity?
  2. Hi, how can I set rain intensity in the Weather settings? When is weather documentation expected?
  3. In v3.21 it works with my custom player but in v3.22, no matter how many times i try it just won't show the grass/flowers. I haven't updated to 3.23 because i read the description and it didn't say any significant features. I think it just said something good for a later version of Unity. I Use 2021.1.x. Anyways, in v3.22 custom player zero grass/flowers( billboar d type), but as soon as i switch the player to a Gaia player like FPS or flying camera etc the grass appears., and yes i added flora. And in v3.21 it's easy and everything works fine. Should i just move back to v3.21?
  4. I got 4 compile errors after importing Scene Optimizer:
  5. Sometimes after baking something, like OC for example I can't access anymore to my terrains an it appears an error. So I have to restart Unity to be able to open them again.
  6. When updating Gaia Pro 2021 I can no longer compile due to this and similar messages: Is this a known problem? How might I fix it?
  7. Hey all I've stamped my terrain, but the spawn biome button isn't enabling for some reason? No errors in console etc? Any way to convince the Stamper that I'm...done?
  8. theProjectLLC

    Stylized River Water Solution

    Hey Team, Ive been using a great stylized water solution, but using prefabs for it just doesn’t cut it, especially given you can’t hide seams. I’ve been loving toying around with Gena and making rivers - but struggle to get anything close to that stylized look. I’ve tried changing the Built In material, but it just sticks with the PW version - being pretty new to the system, can anyone guide me on how to either get my own working, or something out there that works? My stylized water doesn’t contain all the same textures etc as Gena requires which is why I might have an issue? thanks!
  9. Hey, silly question perhaps but I can't find the setting to define the distance that the grass and flowers spawn from the player. In my set up it is too close so the spawning is easily seen. Id like it to be further away. Any help gratefully received. Thanks
  10. Hello, I'm very excited to get started with the SUNTAIL Stylized Fantasy Village Asset and Gaia/Gena Spawner. Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to get it installed. I'm sure I'm missing something silly, but maybe you can explain it to me like I'm 5? I've installed Gaia Pro, Gena Pro, and the Suntail Village all through the Package Manager. I downloaded the pack from here : This downloads - PWS-SuntailStylizedFantasyVillage-SpawnerPackv100.zip to my computer. I unzipped it and copied folder to my Unity/Assets folder. I don't have any assets showing under Procedural Worlds/Content Packs. I'm sure that I'm missing something, but I'm not sure what.
  11. Ahmed Swaroar

    GeNa pro shows error while loading.

    These are errors shown while importing package : Assets\Procedural Worlds\GeNa\Scripts\Editor\Utilities\GeNaEditorUtility.cs(177,65): error CS0426: The type name 'FileConvertType' does not exist in the type 'Constants' Here are the media files: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18_MvOQjtJKYMQiWnpErG4yJTz6Ug26Zl/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1lL0IonVztmB7UodxcP3p7gNcS4smF9a_/view?usp=sharing
  12. Hi, I just installed Unity 2020.3.36f1 and started a new HDRP project with Gaia 2021 3.2.4 and facing this error: Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Scripts\Photo Mode\PhotoMode.cs(1885,237): error CS0103: The name 'SetGaiaTimeScale' does not exist in the current context I thought this issue is fixed by 3.2.4? Can I do a quick work around like commenting this lines out?
  13. Guidos

    File Formats

    Hi all, Am I correct that Ambient Sounds only works with OGG and MP3 files? I've tried WAV files today and they don't attach to the sequence.
  14. Just loaded up the latest Gaia Pro 3.2.4 from the asset store and it explodes with a bunch of errors about the new time of day system. Thoughts?
  15. Hello, I want my windmill to react to the wind strength. The wind manager does not expose the WindZone and I can't see documentation for WindManager.windGlobals. Is there a way to get the Wind strength from the WindManager or should I accept the WindZone directly as a field on each script I need wind info in?
  16. hi im getting this error: Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Gaia Pro\Scripts\Utils\ReflectionProbeManager.cs(140,17): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'ProceduralWorldsGlobalWeather' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) i just installed gaia on fresh project. im using hd renderer. i also added hotfix that got many of the errors go away. Only this one error remains. any help? -Toni
  17. Hey, this might be a dumb question or impossible ... Is there a way to configure a Gaia multi-tiled terrain so that the user can switch between characters and cameras? So usually a main character has the terrain loader script attached and set to load tiles around the character as it moves. But what if the game/app gave the option for the user to switch between more than one character? or more than one camera at various locations? I'd assume if I added the terrain loader to each then Gaia would load all the tiles in all the locations of these objects. I see there are loading options but only runtime always, or options for edit mode, not runtime. I'm assuming I'd be looking for something called, "runtime selected" I'd appreciate your thoughts. Thanks
  18. Hello, my world has a floating world origin meaning the world shifts occasionally when the player gets too far away from 0,0,0. Is there a recommended approach how to handle this with GeNa to adjust all roads accordingly? Adjusting the positions of objects in the GeNa object hierarchy doesn't seem to achieve what I am trying to do since the actual spline points will not be moved then. Thanks, CitrioN
  19. I can't remember exactly, but I upgraded the Unity version from 2021.1.13(?) to the 2021 LTS version. There was an issue, but I was able to solve it with a little script modification. Since I upgraded to LTS, I thought it would be good to upgrade Gaia to the latest version as well. And because I saw in a previous notice that Gaia supports LTS for a long time, and the Gaia version of our project is also outdated. However, when I upgraded to the latest version, this bug occurred and was not resolved by modifying the script. (정확하게 기억은 안나지만 유니티 버전을 2021.1.13? 에서 2021 LTS 버전으로 업그레이드를 했습니다. 이슈가 있었지만 조금의 스크립트 수정으로 해결 할 수 있었습니다. LTS로 업그레이드 했으니 Gaia도 최신버전으로 업그레이드 하는게 좋다고 생각했습니다. 그리고 Gaia가 LTS를 장기적으로 지원한다고 이전 공지글에서 봤었고 우리 프로젝트의 Gaia 버전도 오래되었었기 때문입니다. 하지만 최신 버전으로 업그레이드 하니 이런 버그가 생겼었고 스크립트 수정으로는 해결되지 않았습니다.) I have this issue. How can we solve this issue? And what more information do I need to provide to help identify the issue? 이런 이슈가 있습니다. 이떻게 이슈를 해결 할 수 있을까요? 그리고 제가 어떤 정보를 더 드려야 이슈를 파악하는데 도움이 될까요?
  20. Hi all, I would like to use Stylized Grass Shader together with Synty Nature/Kingdom Gena Spawner and Gaia Biome and swap out the water system to Stylized Water 2 . I am kind of lost while browsing the tutorial, may I know which one I should focus on in order to achieve this? Thanks in advance. 😃 Thanks and regards, Wolf
  21. I'm making a multiplayer game so my Player is spawned at runtime by network manager, as a result I've selected None in Runtime Player in GAIA. But whenever I change the time of day slider, it resets my post processing (removing the post proecssing layer on camera) even though I have turned off enable post processing and modify post processing in main settings, and on Inspector.
  22. Hello, With the latest update to Gaia, Unity is now entering safe mode on launch and is presenting a number of errors. https://postimg.cc/ThL2RsKs Unity version: 2020.3.20f1 HDRP pipeline I followed the steps in the update and removed the Time of Day folder first. Its still broke. I completely removed the Procedural Worlds Folder from the project and pulled a fresh import... and it still broke.
  23. Greetings. I’d like to replace the background music that plays automatically once you create a runtime in Gaia Pro. I searched everywhere and cannot find where to do so. Any help would be much appreciated. Cheers, Dan
  24. Gustavo


    Hello, I was wandering how can I improve the scene performance. I have run some tests and I cannot increase the FPS beyond 20, not even with a small terrain 128 and baked light (I set all terrain object to Static before). The test terrain consist in just one 128 tile with third person controller and the given meadow biome, nothing more. Any clues? Thank you
  25. Hello, I hope you are well! I want to create a system capable of making simple modifications to the terrain at runtime such as creating mountains, holes and flatten the terrain and I do not know if this is possible with GAIA, if someone can clarify this doubt I would appreciate it very much because I can not find an access to any API.
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