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Raining inside InteriorWeatherVolume


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My player is a Car, so I'm trying to use the Weather system of HDRP TOD, but couldn't get the InteriorWeatherVolume to work.

As you can see, there's snow inside vehicle.



My volume:





This interior volume is a child of my player, as it needs to move together with the car.

What I'm missing?




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20 hours ago, Bryan said:

Is the character controller that has the GaiaInteriorWeather tagged player? 

Yes, my structure is like that:


    >Bus  ->(tagged Player)


               >GaiaInteriorWeatherVolume -> InteriorWeather script

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After a massive investigation, I found the reason for this not working is actually because it wasn't designed to do so. 
This script is mainly for interiors and it disables the weather completely. 

A solution that I think that I found for you would be to add planes to the Bus prefab. 
Then add the PW_VFX_Rain material to that plane and remove the first element. 
You may want to increase the PW_VFX_Weather_Intensity.

You could create a script for time that enable and disables the rain planes if you wanted to. 
This would be the best way to work around the way this was intended. 


What you are seeing here is the plane and the rain going in front of the player. 

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