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  1. Hello I tried to split 2k terrain into 256 tile size. Sectr is unable to do it. using 2019.4.40 built-in pipeline Low poly style, 2k terrain (mobile resolution)
  2. Hello, I noticed that the spline extension scriptable objects do not persist their data between sessions meaning any modified data will be lost when restarting Unity. I tested this in a fresh project with Unity 2020.3.30f1 (latest 2020 LTS at the time of this writing) and nothing else imported to ensure nothing else is interfering or causing this behaviour. I am using GeNa Pro v3.3.16 (from Feb. 9th). Additionally 2 errors will be thrown when selecting the road or river extension asset: Layer index out of bounds UnityEditor.EditorGUILayout:LayerField (int,UnityEngine.GUILayoutOption[]) GeNa.Core.GeNaRoadExtensionEditor:GlobalPanel () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Editor/Extensions/GeNaRoadExtensionEditor.cs:57) GeNa.Core.GeNaRoadExtensionEditor:OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Editor/Extensions/GeNaRoadExtensionEditor.cs:31) UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&) I haven't seen anything in the documentation that requires me to setup a specific layer in the project. Both the road and river extension have a layer dropdown in the inspector, both of which are blank (no layer value assigned) in my case. Assigning a layer does resolve this error. Is this intended behaviour or should a layer that always exists (Default) be assigned automatically to avoid this error being thrown in the first place? NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object GeNa.Core.GeNaRoadExtensionEditor.GlobalPanel () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Editor/Extensions/GeNaRoadExtensionEditor.cs:109) GeNa.Core.GeNaRoadExtensionEditor.OnInspectorGUI () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Editor/Extensions/GeNaRoadExtensionEditor.cs:31) UnityEditor.UIElements.InspectorElement+<>c__DisplayClass59_0.<CreateIMGUIInspectorFromEditor>b__0 () (at <d4fb0f5bc2524ac39bb755624e6a18e7>:0) UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent(Int32, IntPtr, Boolean&) Thanks, CitrioN
  3. Mattis89

    Build not working

    Hello! Okay, so to start with , here is my setup : Using opsive character with terrain loader component and Gaia scene player component (I'm using Gaia scene player because I want the culling) . Both components is on the player 1 itself. In runtime in editor , everything works terrains load and unload. In build the screens is black , no sounds. I use developer build with only scripts build and debugger.. build successfully everytime, and no errors. Okay so I 🤔 what the hell... I'm using no floating point fix because my map is small and it's turned off on terrain settings and no script on the terrains. So, when I have loaded all the terrains from all scenes and makes a build the loading screens is displayed - it loads...the character is falling , I can see the sky and sun and camera effects - no terrain , no trees nothing.. Wich is weird ? Okay, then I unload all terrains and build - just black screen, no loading screen, no sound... All terrain scenes are in build settings , main scene at top containg Gaia Runtime and everything coming with Gaia (not Gaia player because I have my own, and only one camera) also , in Gaia manager I have the main scene in the main scene slot because there it says the main scene should be there cuz all magic happends there........ What could be wrong ? I have tried with only my opsive setup and no generated Gaia world , and that works..... @Peter @Bryan
  4. Bharat Sharma

    Hdrp- time of day

    Hello I'm using latest gaia pro on 2021.3.5 hdrp. Night time got completely dark, I'm unable to see anything. Night sky also look a bit dull there. Built-in pipeline Night sky looks way better.
  5. Hi, I am looking for assistance with an issue I am having with the spawners in the nature spawner pack biome. The first issue I am having that didn't happen with previous use, is the grass that is spawned into the scene covers other game objects spawned by the fantasy kingdom pack and even ones that were spawned by polygon nature spawner pack. The second Issue is that when I try to delete the grass spawner and respawn. It still ads the grass back in the scene and the spawner reappears in my biome spawner rules. I am trying to upload the screen shot but I am being told the file is too large and exceeds the maximum allowed.
  6. Hi.. am using Ambient sound in my Atavism project. I have a sequence in an audio area which plays music when you are around an INN in the main world. It is then possible to go inside the INN, but that is a transfer to a new zone (scene). Inside the INN, the same sequence is playing (along with some others). Is there, or could there be an option that on scene transfer, if the same Sequence is playing in the new scene that that sequence continues in the new scene and during load, because at the moment it's a little jarring to have the same sequence restart on enrtry to the new scene? I know that without Ambient Audio, I can do this with a normal sound source that uses don't destroy on load, but would like to continue using Ambient. Alternatively, have I just missed an option in Ambient 🙂 Regards Graham Evans
  7. If I create a spawner of lets say: different types of trees with a new Palette it will create a Palette number 17, and then if I create a spawner of different types of stones it will also create a new Palette with the same number. The problem is when I want to go back to the spawner of trees I have to load the Palette number 17 and as the names in the spawner might be right it will spawn stones. It just happened to me but the opposite, I tried to spawn stones after spawning trees, but it was spawning trees as game objects.
  8. The first "Game Ready Level" on Canopy has just arrived! "Game Ready Levels" are ready-made and optimized scenes that you can freely use for your own projects. The scene uses the Polygon - Fanatasy Kindgdom Asset Pack by Synty as common asset base, and was made with our own PWS Spawner Pack and GeNa and Gaia. It contains a complete island terrain with a lot of different locations for gameplay opportunities. This is the first time we are releasing a complete scene ready for you to explore. You can use this scene as regular game level, for rapid prototyping game ideas, for inspiration and also as learning point for your own future scenes. While our tools enable you to make a scene yourself quickly, nothing beats a complete scene out-of-the box. Here is a trailer for the scene and a few screenshots: You can download the Game Ready Level as a Canopy Pro subscriber. Please find the downloads for the different pipeline versions here:Built-In VersionURP Version HDRP Version The pack comes with the original source scene with all the original tools intact, and two variations at different optimization levels that include mesh terrains, mesh combining, layer-based distance culling, light baking and baked occlusion culling. To learn more, you can visit the documentation page in the library, or watch this quickstart video about how you can change the scene and then re-apply the same optimizations we did. This video might be worth a watch even if you not intend to use the Game Ready Level at all as the optimizations shown could be applied to any scene you make with the Canopy Tools. Quick start guide:
  9. The default basic Biome in Gaia Pro 2021, it's Alp something.....i forgot the name and i chekced the terrain and saw that in the Trees there are 2 types, and they are more like small trees...and Then in Details, there's grasses and flowers but they apear to be Billboaards and i do get bunch of White planes covering my terrain which i saw in the Tutorial video and the guy said that when you run the game they will turn fine in HDRP and render as grass....But in my case using that biome they don't...And it's probably because they are Billboards and not Meshes. Does HDRP not render Billboar flowers and grasses?
  10. Hi, I used gena map builder in my open world project so the road system is quite vast, but it's no where near perfect or how I want it to be. When ever I try to edit a road node (delete or add), unity / gena just hangs. I've tested trying to delete 1 road node, and after 35 minutes I force quit unity. This happens every single time so my map I built is essentially useless to me right now. Not sure what to do...
  11. Hi again! I'm getting some really weird behaviour with GeNa Pro. Basically, everything looks great in the editor. When I enter run mode, the image rendered in the camera is all messed up: See how it's all stretched? If I disable the river spline Game Object, it's back to normal: Any idea what's causing this? I'm using: GeNa Pro 3.3.17 Gaia Pro 2021 3.2.2 Unity 2021.2.17 HDRP 12.1.6
  12. Hello, I upgraded my unity project from URP to HDRP. Gaia Manager found no issues with the rending settings after following the recommendations. Used Unity Render Pipeline Wizard and fixed all found in the HDRP + VR tab. I've updated materials via the edit>render>HD render pipeline> upgrade from builtin pipeline>upgrade project material to HDRP. The image below shows terrain in white and trees in magenta. What other steps do I need to take to be able to correct terrain? Do I need to deal with any of the fixes for HDRP + DXR? Do i need to activate? Pls advise.
  13. Hi, I am getting started with Gaia and Gena, and I am learning the ins and outs of the object spawners currently. Im still trying to figure out what the best way to organize my assets and spawners to work like I would like to, and what is going to work without fighting how Gaia wants to work. I want to set up a spawner that scatters three different objects (Lets say it's 3 different rocks). So, I wanted to set up one spawner, with one spawn rule, containing the three instances in the resources. I was hoping this would create a single instance in each 'fit' location, but instead it creates an overlapping copy of each instance in each location. Is there a way to make Gaia generate a single instances at each fit location, but chose which one is spawned randomly (ideally with control of what % distribution each instance has)? The other option would be to create a seperate spawn rule per object but that seems like it would get incredibly tedious and error prone as soon as the biome starts to get even a little complex. Thanks in advance! Still trying to wrap my head around Gaia and it's work flow and how to best utilize it on our project...
  14. Hi, pretty much what the title says, the weird thing is they were working at one point, and they also seem to work every now and then and then disappear again. If I load another tile,(and the grass is working) all the grass disappears again. I am using nature renderer, but I obviously tried with it off, still the same outcome.
  15. I am using the Ambient Sounds package in my Unity 3D project and when I make changes to the sound manager the changes always get reverted back to what they were when I opened the project even if I save the project. Does any know what may be causing this issue? My specific issue is that I have multiple custom events and sequences that are being called with code depending on the time of day the player has chosen and the weather that is selected. The code works fine and its doing what its supposed to, however I have to recreate the events in the event tab of the sound manager every time I open the project. It is only the sound manager that's doing this as everything else in the project is saving with unity.
  16. So I'm having issues with roads in Gena Pro. When I use a road and one of the new pathways, and use noise, it makes it look like the path pieces are floating above the terrain. No amount of edge blending, setting to ground, or ground offsets fixes it. I've even lowered the road using carve. If still looks like it's floating.
  17. Hi guys, Just wondering about how SECTR fits in with Unity's built-in occlusion culling and Gaia's player culling? Should I be baking the scene for occlusion culling *and* then use SECTR, or is that just creating redundant opimizations? Also there's a camera culling part you add for SECTR but the Gaia player also has a culling component to it (when you use the toolbox to combine meshes then use the small, medium, and large layers). I'm not using the Gaia player control as I have my own but should I be adding this component to my player and setting it up for layer culling as well as what you need to do with SECTR or again, is this just making it more complicated than it should be and won't have any effect? Finally in the "game ready" tutorials you guys export the terrain as a mesh. I'm assuming if you're using SECTR you wouldn't do this and let SECTR handle the terrain directly? Thanks
  18. Hello everyone! Scenario: I created various trees in the Unity tree editor, applied a mesh renderer and mesh collision component and exported them as prefabs. When I spawn them in Gaia Pro, they are not automatically rotating. In doing some digging, I found an old article from 5 years ago which didn't seem to correct the issue: https://proceduralworlds.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/33000189426-terrain-trees-arent-rotated-when-spawned#:~:text=Gaia randomly rotates terrain trees,to a quirk of unity Maybe I am not properly implementing but I think I am. Anywho, is there a simple step I am missing in getting Unity-made trees to rotate properly? For the record, I am still a beginner at Unity & Gaia (1 year off-and-on) so don't use too many big words. 😉 Thanks in advance for any assistance!
  19. Hi, my scene i made looks good but why the ocean/water goes through the fire completely opaque. I dont mean i put a fire in the water. The fire is in the beach sand area( Gai terrain) but when my player camera looks through it and the water i s across...the water is completely opaque. it ignores the fire. Is there fix for this? Here's a quick picture i made in Windows 10 paint because i don't have Unity open. PS I use Unity HDRP project 2021.1.28f
  20. I added a handful of my own grass, flowers, trees ect and am getting this everytime I try to run the detail spawner. So I removed most all diff objects, changed my terrain from 4 tile to 1 but am still getting the error. I removed all but a couple detail items each category to get it to stop but is there anyway to up this alloted memory size? I am using optimized HQ detail objects only, no random free models or anything like that. https://imgur.com/a/yS6ZdFL
  21. Bharat Sharma

    Sectr problems

    Hello I was using sectr and gaia pro 2021 and used Flora for grass but when I use sectr, Flora effect dissappear. Using 2020.3.29 (built-in).
  22. Strange this one; I have 3 x 3 tiled terrain. In runtime the first tile is deselected (the tick box at the top of the object's inspector) and so does not appear normally when in view from the character attached camera. I can select the game object in run time and it appears. If I do nothing and the character walks towards the terrain tile, they will fall off the world as it does not appear. Any suggestions / pointers gratefully received.
  23. Hello! I moved my project from built in to URP but I cannot get the light settings to work. It still appears bleached. As you can see I have been working on the filters but I just cant seem to get the right one for what im working with. Any tips would be great please! this is what it used to look like
  24. Hi, I think the gaia player or terrain loader manager objects are corrupting my builds. I have a character and a car I switch between testing my game. I have set them up properly because my builds work, until they just dont. It's gotten to the point where where I make an unreasonable amount of backs a day because I don't know when my build will just stop working. When I play my game in the editor it works fine, but building it, I either get no terrain loading and I fall for ever, or I get a gray / black screen. It will just randomly happen at some point, I'll remake the characters using gaia player, double check the terrain loading is correct, everything is identical but I'll get a black screen until I load up a backup and just wait for it to eventual happen again. At this point gaia is unusable to me because I wont know when my builds will stop working. Thanks for reading
  25. gabriel_fuentesGD

    GeNa Pro 3.3.16 - Road Carve Issue

    Hey guys! I've been using GeNa Pro (3.3.14) to make some roads for my environment, didn't had any issues during that version. However, when I updated to the recent version (3.3.16), carving is not working as intended, the preview is not appearing and I'm getting the following consistent error every time I press the carve extension: "GeNaCarve.compute: Kernel at index (0) is invalid UnityEngine.StackTraceUtility:ExtractStackTrace () GeNa.Core.GeNaCompute:Dispatch (int,int,int,int) GeNa.Core.TerrainTools:CarveTerrain (UnityEngine.Terrain,GeNa.Core.GeNaSpline,System.Collections.Generic.List`1<GeNa.Core.GeNaCurve>,GeNa.Core.TerrainEntity) GeNa.Core.TerrainTools:GenerateTerrainEntity (GeNa.Core.TerrainModifier,GeNa.Core.GeNaSpline) GeNa.Core.GeNaCarveExtension:Visualize () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Runtime/Extensions/GeNaCarveExtension.cs:138) GeNa.Core.GeNaCarveExtension:OnSceneGUI () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Runtime/Extensions/GeNaCarveExtension.cs:95) GeNa.Core.GeNaSplineExtension:SceneGUI () GeNa.Core.GeNaSpline:OnSceneGUI () GeNa.Core.SplineEditor:OnSceneGUI () (at Assets/Procedural Worlds/GeNa/Scripts/Editor/SplineEditor.cs:156) UnityEngine.GUIUtility:ProcessEvent (int,intptr,bool&)." Any advice or suggestions is greatly appreciated! Carving extension working as intended in version 3.3.14: Here's the carve extension in version 3.3.16 in a test scene with the consistent error and the preview not working properly:
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