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Holes in terrain


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Our team has been working with Gaia Pro for a longer while now and we really enjoy its functionalities. However, there's a recurring issue we have concerning generating the terrain that we're not sure how to fix. We keep getting holes and cuts in the terrain that are visible in both the editor and play mode, usually at the seams. It's hard to pinpoint the source of the problem, seeing as we've had them appear when generating in the world designer, stamping or spawning biomes.
The thing is, we're aiming for a rather large terrain, seeing as our goal is to generate a 4kmx4km terrain split into 128x128m tiles, so you may see that's quite a big issue for us. We've been trying to solve it for a long time now, but we've come up short, so we're hoping you might shed some light on the situation.
Additionally, we're aware of the terrain stitcher and have used it before, but it doesn't work very well for us, especially on a larger terrain. It creates a lot of sharp edges and unwanted walls in the terrain that later have to be smoothed manually, especially when used on such a large space.
If there's anything we can do when it comes to the project/tool settings or general workflow with Gaia or terrain stitcher, please let us know.

We're looking forward to your reply!
Thanks and best wishes,

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