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Problem with the generated world and its low quality and bumpiness (WebGL)


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We are currently working on a browser game, the target is WebGL. On the Win / Mac / Linux platform, the world is generated correctly, the terrain bump problem does not occur and the textures are located correctly. However, after switching to WebGL, the terrain looks like the picture below, why is this? Can it be changed? If so, what is it responsible for? 
I understand that for webgl the generated terrain must be of lower quality, but in this form it is not usable, smoothing also does not do the job too much



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This could be to how the image is compressed. 
To fix this you could use the stamper and change the stamper operation to smooth and stamp. 
This would smooth out the terrain. 

Additionally, you would want to look at the image itself. 

Here is some basic notes that should help: 

All JPG's and most PNG files are only 8 bits per channel. When this gets converted to a stamp this means that you can only represent 256 possible height values, and the resulting stamp may appear terraced. You can address this by smoothing the terrain after stamping, but if possible use 16 bit textures as the resulting stamp will of better quality. RAW16 is better texture format to use.

2. Image compression will also cause artefacts in the resulting stamps. If possible, please ensure that your source image is not compressed, and regardless, make sure that you disable compression on the texture in Unity before you use the scanner to convert it into a stamp. Make sure you disable the sRGB setting on the texture so that it is imported purely as data.

3. Terrain scale is important. These heightmaps represent quite large areas, so in order to get a more realistic scale make your terrain 4 or 8km sq, and increase the Y scale as shown in the video. This is the type of scenario when streaming is important as well, so in Gaia Pro, make your terrain tiles around 512m sq, and enable separate scenes and streaming.

4. You can also use these stamps as the base for much larger environments using the world designer. To do this use the world designer, and then select Image as the Shape Input Type, and then your new stamp in the World Shape section. You can add more detail or not as you choose.

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I see. We are currently testing terrain generation on the attached heightmap(imgur link), it is quite low quality, (1k and 8bits)
However, there is a problem with world generation, when the options mentioned by you "enable separate scenes and streaming"
are on. The world does not want to generate itself, that is, it keeps generating itself forever. What could be the reason?



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This could be computer specs, this could be memory allocation, it just depends. 
Are you experiencing any crashing, or just freezing? How large is the world you are trying to create? 

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Probably not the fault of the comp specs( 16 cores, 64gb ram, RTX) The problem occurs when I click generate world with the options mentioned above selected:

1. Create terrain scenes
2. Unlload Terrain Scenes
3. Floating Point Fix

Regardless of whether I am generating 17x17, 10x10, 5x5, 3x3, (1024sqm or 512sqm), the loading bar is still in place with the words importing assets and with no progress even after waiting for +30 minutes.

Neither Unity nor Gaia crashes or freezes, I just have to restart Unity because the "importing assets" loading bar is still there even after making a new scene.


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I managed to create world with these 3 options enabled by switching to Unity 2021.1.25f1 from 2022.1.0b16 :)

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