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What are the basics of using shaders in Gaia?


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What are the basics of using shaders in Gaia? When adding a new terrain layer, there only seems to be an option for creating textures, not shaders. Can somebody please explain this to me? 

I'm using the built-in RP but I could switch to URP if necessary. 

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@vdeijk Please note that Gaia uses Unity standard terrain - the UI in the terrain inspector where you add a new terrain layer is default unity. The Gaia spawner plugs into this by offering the same options as you would have when adding a new layer to the terrain manually.
If you want to switch out the terrain shader, you can assign a different Material in the terrain settings in the Terrain inspector:


So you can create a new material that utilizes your new shader and assign it there. Note though that when you get a terrain shader from the asset store, the setup process might be more complex when the terrain shader requires you to provide additional texture maps or settings for rendering. But this should be explained in the documentation of the shader then.

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