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Main playlist plays even when removed.


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A strange one this, I have removed the global sequence from the Ambience Manager (see images), then press runtime and it appears again. 

Is this a bug?

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 12.43.14.png

Screenshot 2022-04-04 at 12.44.09.png

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version 2.1.9

Also, if Preload Audio is disabled, it automatically enables itself in runtime.

Plus, if I actually remove the ambience manager component, it is added back in runtime (can't upload the video). 


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I've just updated to the latest version. 

Also, I found a second instance of the ambience manager component added to a different game object. Although it was not selected in the inspector, by removing it I then found the ambience manager didn't change the global playlist. 

..but the preload audio is still checking itself.

Is there any reason why this checkbox would auto-check like this?

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Thank you for the update everyone involved in this asset. 

OK, so Ive imported and updated the Ambient Sounds asset.

I have removed the global sequence as described above and pressed to play. The global sequence does not re-appear as before.

Additionally I am not experiencing the first audio playing twice (thank you!)

What I'm a but confused about is that the actual Ambience Manager component disappears in run time now whereas it didn't before. The local and global ambient sounds are playing but the manager disappears (see attached). 

(still) running on Unity 2020.3.31f1.


Screenshot 2022-08-07 at 12.54.29.png

Screenshot 2022-08-07 at 12.55.15.png

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I think its also worth noting that on upgrade if anyone has adjusted a sequence that comes with the asset this seems to be over-ridden with the update so all volumes and additional audio files (from outside the asset) are removed. So it must be important to create your own sequences (I'll test to see if you can just rename them, I had actually moved them out of the asset subfolder already but they were still affected by the update).  

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