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Missing namespace Proceduralworlds.flora


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Greetings all.

After unity forced the Plastic version control on us, we have had massive problems with Gaia.

Short backstory:

When migrating, it would fail cause of some files within the Procedural Worlds folder. The Plastic team were unable to help and resolve this, and I had to rely on a workaround involving removing that subfolder from the project, migrating the project, and then moving it back in again.

Fast forwarding. After a bit of a misshap in a changeset, I had revert back to a former changeset, basically creating a new heap of problems.

Ive tried reimporting assets, restarting unity to let everything ge back in order in the project, but at this moment, im stuck with 51 Assets\Procedural Worlds\Flora\Scripts\Editor\DetailScriptableObjectEditor.cs(8,26): error CS0246: The type or namespace name 'DetailScriptableObject' could not be found (are you missing a using directive or an assembly reference?) of these spread out on different files.

Right now, Im out of ideas of how to handle it and could use some inspiration!

PS: and what the heck does the procedural world/ flora.pwcgf do? Never seen that filetype before..

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@IcePaw I think I might know what is going on: We did at some point have a file re-structure for the flora folder where we renamed a few files, changed folders etc. At this point when you needed to install a new Gaia version over an existing installation, you would need to delete the Flora folder first before you import to make sure there is no mix of old and new files (the package import in unity does not let us delete any files, we can only add & overwrite already existing files with the same identifier from there)
What I think is going on is that with the source control troubles the project is now in a state where it has both old and new flora files combined, the old files throwing errors since the flora code does not match up anymore. I think your issues should be resolved if you delete the Procedural Worlds\Flora folder, and then reimport (just the flora folder is enough) Gaia again. Then all the flora files should be clean and should not throw any errors anymore.
There should normally be nothing in the Flora folder you would change / customize as a user, so it should be safe to remove and reimport it again. If the problem still exists after that, we would need to take a closer look at the actual error messages that still persist after the reimport.


3 hours ago, IcePaw said:

PS: and what the heck does the procedural world/ flora.pwcgf do? Never seen that filetype before..

That file just holds some metadata for our internal Commons framework that does things like drawing the UI with help texts, etc.

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