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Published: Deep Desert Content Pack


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We just released the Deep Desert Content Pack. This pack features desert ground textures and rock and vegetation assets to quickly create a desert environment using the included GeNa and Gaia spawner settings / biomes. The pack comes with 2 different art style variants (stylized and more detailed) and is compatible with all render pipelines.



Grab 20220323213429 w3840h2160 x-48y144z172r228.pngGrab 20220323214636 w3840h2160 x671y164z149r216.pngGrab 20220323215228 w3840h2160 x115y21z62r198.pngGrab 20220323215624 w3840h2160 x-213y42z165r187.pngGrab 20220323220005 w3840h2160 x51y69z-291r126.pngGrab 20220323220455 w3840h2160 x11y38z-179r46.png

The pack is available for our Canopy Pro subscribers here:


To learn more about how to use the pack, please visit the documentation in the Canopy Library:


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