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Spawning on multiple active terrains in one scene does not work as intended

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Unity 2020.3.28f1 (URP)
GeNa Pro Version 3.3.17
Namespace: GeNa.Core
Classes: GeNaSpawner, GeNaManager

I have one scene with multiple terrains. I am using a GeNa spawner for texture-based spawning - this works fine for the Terrain.activeTerrain terrain (= terrain registered first by Unity), but I doesn't work for any other terrain (Terrain[] activeTerrains without Terrain.activeTerrain). It seems like GeNa is using the terrainData of Terrain.activeTerrain for each other terrain in the scene and I just can't figure out, how to tell GeNa to load the terrainData (incl. texture/map information, etc.) of the terrain I want to spawn on. This behaviour is the same when spawning at runtime via code.

Spawning on Terrain.activeTerrain works as intended:

Spawning on the other terrain (not Terrain.activeTerrain) doesn't work like it should:

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basically i have the same issue as Waikikamukau.


I have a scene with several Terrains in it. Now i want to Spawn texture-based, which works perfectly well for the first Terrain... but when i move on to the next Terrain it's not working properly. Looks like it is not Updating the Terrain Info properly.


Anyone a solution for this?


Thank you

Best Regards

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I have a similar problem. 

Unity 2020.3.23 HDRP

Gena Pro 3.3.17

I can't spawn on the two terrains on the left side if I have texture-based spawning enabled. I can only spawn on the top-right and bottom-right terrain.


Bottom-Right is the first terrain I created. The other 3 terrains are Neighbor Terrains.

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  • Solution

I think that I know the issue, GeNa Pro requires you to grab the target of an object before spawning. 
Multi-terrain editing is not able to be done in Unity. 
I think this is your issue here. You would need to shift + click to grab the target but you would need to do that separated for each terrain. 

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