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Gena 2 Tutorials

Broken Dream Studio

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I bought Gena 2 and now I want to use it for the first time. There were 2-3-4 tutorials available then. Where can I find the tutorials? 

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@Broken Dream Studio GeNa 2 is marked as end-of-life for quite some time now, we have removed most of the tutorial videos because they often created confusion with the more recent GeNa Pro. GeNa Pro Users would (unknowingly) watch GeNa 2 videos and did then ask us about buttons and features etc. that were completely elsewhere in the application now or would try workflows that can be achieved completely differently now. 
GeNa 2 should come with a manual in the Documentation folder of your install. I still found this older tutorial video of it on our youtube page:

There is still an unofficial copy from one of the other tutorial videos up on another channel who copied it for some reason:


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