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Memory Error when spawning detail objects in Gaia Pro


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I added a handful of my own grass, flowers, trees ect and am getting this everytime I try to run the detail spawner. So I removed most all diff objects, changed my terrain from 4 tile to 1 but am still getting the error. I removed all but a couple detail items each category to get it to stop but is there anyway to up this alloted memory size? I am using optimized HQ detail objects only, no random free models or anything like that.



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So should I just use minimal detail objects in Gaia then use GeNa to add in more? I like the procedural aspect of Gaia as Im OCD and make things too uniform lol

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I keep getting a very similar error when adding in the biome. This is with:


  • HDRP - 12.1.6
  • Unity 2021.2.16f1 DX12
  • Windows 11


  • i5-11400F
  • Geforce 3060Ti - 8Gb
  • 16Gb Ram


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