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GeNa Pro - Modern City Building


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I have seen many examples of medieval towns or villages built with GeNa.
Do you think that GeNa Pro is also appropriate to build modern or futuristic big city ?
(With tiled buildings, streets, sidewalk, pavement)

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Hey @Loran75, Gena is definitely quite capable of creating modern or futuristic cities as well, you just need to be careful about how you set all your gena spawners up. You could for instance have a gena spawner for just one block of your city thats highly randomized, then add a grid of those gena spawners into a parent spawner with the roads in between the blocks to create your city. This is just one approach, but the same concept of creating highly randomized "building blocks" and then putting them all together in one massive spawner is the way to go with anything of scale with gena.


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