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How do I export my GAIA Scene to unreal?

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Unreal and Unity are two different game engines which save the scenes in different ways, meaning the scenes are as such not compatible. If you look only for the terrain, see 


If you want to move your whole scene to unreal then I’m afraid this is not possible without a third party tool. You can find some of them here: https://lmgtfy.app/?q=export+scene+from+unity+to+unreal

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4 hours ago, MixThaicred said:

I want to test my scene in UNREAL and I need to export my scene. how do i Do that?

Along with what MiTschMR comment. 

The biggest thing you would want to take is the terrain data, I have been able to move my Gaia Terrains from Unity to Unreal several times in the past. 

Textures was a bit harder to do though. You would want to just move them separately, or it could cause some issues there. 

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Cool info!  I was actually wondering about something like this a couple months back when I was thinking about trying to figure out how to make a new map mods for ARK: Survival Evolved but kind gave up after downloading UE and ARK Editor and feeling my head swim.  Now that I know it is possible, I may try it at some point. lol

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If anyone needs help finding the terrain data: 
Assets - Gaia User Data - Sessions - (Session name) - Terrain data. 
Then right click on it and go to export (Do not include dependencies). 

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 Everything just about  in Unity , can  be used, and exported fairly easily into Unreal...... terrains included... the difference for Unreal terrains is the resolution, needs to be changed in order for it to work....  This part is super important.

This also includes every other game engine on the market  just about... as long as it supports, OBJ, FBX's TGA, PNG, RAW files..... you can't use the shaders , but they can be EASILY remade from shader graph, to Unreal graph.....   I make alot of my shaders in Unreal, and remake, off the ones I made in Unreal to Unity and the other way around using Amplify, Shader forge...   Shader graph is young but possible to. Now some nodes may be different but if you understand them enough, its easy to get around..





I use Unreal every single day........  prototype in Unity, and use Unreal for my beta, and game... Which, is going along great..!!


Follow this and your good to go for terrains....

This part is super important, or it won't look right in Unreal!!!!



No you don't need third party anything, to export this stuff out, Unity already has it, and Unreal, I still never owned an asset after 20 years of using it for anything. Unreal 5, preview just came out last night. So its even easier for many things, related to this..  Gaia 1, can be used in  Unreal, Unigine,  Flax, and any other engine... What that means, you need to use Unity to make the terrain with Gaia, but the terrain itself, and game objects, textures masks , all can be exported to be used in any other game engine.... So this is not just Unreal. 



Textures, you can take right out of Unity, for game objects , splat maps, normal maps, etc, and import right into Unreal.

This is no different, you need to get a hold of your splat maps, normal map, and any other.   There are a ton of other tutorials related to splat maps/weight map, Unreal has alot of this built in,  Unreal shader graph is years more mature, than  Unity's... I'm sure that is where Unity got there idea , was Epic..'s, but regardless, its fairly easy to do, and alot of information now a days out to help guide you along.


This is world machine but its using splat maps, so the process regarding this to Unreal is the same....for any terrain tool as long as you get a hold of the splat map.....


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