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Having trouble with grass spawners

anthony tucker

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Hi, I am looking for assistance with an issue I am having with the spawners in the nature spawner pack biome. The first issue I am having that didn't happen with previous use, is the grass that is spawned into the scene covers other game objects spawned by the fantasy kingdom pack and even ones that were spawned by polygon nature spawner pack. The second Issue is that when I try to delete the grass spawner and respawn. It still ads the grass back in the scene and the spawner reappears in my biome spawner rules. I am trying to upload the screen shot but I am being told the file is too large and exceeds the maximum allowed.

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as soon as I get close in play mode the grass overtakes everything in the scene, and it wasn't doing this before, so I don't really understand what is going on with it now.

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I’m having the same issue. Things are spawning on top of other game objects. I bought this pack because I thought it would save some time. The tutorial skips over the part where he cleaned things up. 

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In the biome you can add collider masks to not have objects spawn on top of each other. 
There was some issues will the presets not accepting colliders but this has since been fixed. 
Can you please update and let me know if this is still an issue? 

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