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We are pleased to announce our new Referral Program!

With Canopy now up and running, we want to share the love with our community to help it grow.

We are offering 10% of each new subscriber you bring in back to you, up to a total value of $39. Get 10 subscribers up and running and your own subscription is covered! Get more and you are making money!

To take advantage of this please use the Tell a friend buttons at the top right of the screen (see screen shot below) to get the message out. This will give you a special referral link that you can use to bring other people into Canopy. 

Canopy Pro

Canopy is a holistic resource for game developers, intended to help your growth and productivity, and it's just fun!

The Canopy Pro subscriptions offers:

  • All of our asset store tools
  • All our asset store procedural content packs
  • An amazing new thing called the xChange which provides:
    • Special tools such as the PW Toolbox that can increase framerates by up to 800%
    • Integrations with other popular asset store assets, where we vet the quality of the asset and the integration
    • Game ready levels, where we create and optimize the level, and you drop in the game play
    • Game templates, where you literally drop the game play into the scene and then customize it 
    • Asset packs - sounds, textures, stamps, and whatever else the community asks for
    • The ability to suggest and vote on new content and integrations in the xChange
    • Here is a current list of what we have been busy with in January and February in the xChange 
  • Educational content - an investment into growing your skills and your future
  • Forum based knowledge and support
  • An amazing and active community

No more upgrade fees, just a flat fee for everything, and more cool assets and content are being released weekly, so there is always something new to explore and learn from. 

And there is no risk, if you subscribe, and do not not continue, you get to keep what you have downloaded. You can resume your subscription for updates and support when you can afford it again.

Over $1000 of assets, packs and software, plus support for just $39 per month!

Tell your friends!




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