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How to export gaia terrain,trees,water,tree?

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Hi,gaia pro is a very good software,It saved me a lot of time


but,my project is very large,more than 27G,A large number of hard disks are used


how to export my gaia terrain,trees,water,tree to a new project whitout gaia pro plugin?I need a Streamlined projects.


before answer,i use many ways to export it ,but not success,like https://canopy.procedural-worlds.com/forums/topic/1539-how-to-export-my-gaia-scene-to-another-unity-project-without-including-gaia/#comment-7115 , use it , only show me terrain,no water, no tree


so , how to export it ? thx!


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Thats correct, you wouldn't be able to export everything because its required by Gaia Pro. 
Any system you are using besides making the terrain will require Gaia Pro to be in the scene. 
Water, Skies, Weather, etc. 

You can however, export the terrain after the trees are placed, but you will need to export the trees, materials, textures, etc. 

If you are needing to keep Gaia but save on memory, I recommend looking at this: 


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23 hours ago, Bryan said:

没错,您无法导出所有内容,因为它是 Gaia Pro 的要求。 
除了制作地形之外,您使用的任何系统都需要 Gaia Pro 在场景中。 


如果您需要保留 Gaia 但节省内存,我建议看着这个: 


According to your experience, how large is the project volume after using gaia in a unity project?

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It really depends. 

It depends on your machine, what you are wanting to do with the size world that you are making etc. 
You would want to make smaller terrain but more of them and stream them. 
However, there are limitations on what Unity and PC's can handle. 
Streaming can provide you the ability to make a larger world, but you also have to keep in mind how much power does the pc have that you are using. 

Are you going to run out of memory when making something this large. 

Do test beds to find out how much your pc can handle, before it either crashes or you run out of memory. 
Remember that Unity also has a memory limit as well. 
You can increase this but should you. 

How are your customers going to be playing your game unless they have stronger computers. 

Example is that Steams recommended requirements on triple a game: 

When looking at this: 
This seems really low requirements. 

Now obviously this requires a massive amount of work in optimization. 
However the pc's used to develop these games are probably top of the line. 

Just something to think about. 

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