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Gaia Tools panel all dimmed/inactive

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I'm setting up a new terrain in a new scene, and have created it and the tools -- but now I want to create a new stamp with a custom heightmap. I know how to do this, but the in the Gaia Manager Advanced tab, all the buttons there are dimmed/inactive, so I can't click on Gaia Tools to display the tool to do this job... I've gone through the setup process twice, same thing, and I can't figure out why those tools are not available...what do I do to make them available?

Using GAIA Pro 2.25-c5, Unity 2019.4.34



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Hi Dave,

there are two reasons why the advanced tab might be locked - a code compilation is running, or the setup from the Gaia Manager Setup panel is incomplete. When you open the setup tab, does it show anything regarding pipeline switching / shader installation?
There was an issue with more recent versions of ShaderGraph where unity included embedded materials in the shader graph - Gaia would look at those and those would trigger the setup process as being incomplete, so Gaia would offer the "Install Shaders" button again and again. If that seems to be the case, please reply here again, I would need to create a patch for your older Gaia version to address this.

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Thanks! It was the shader installation. I'm on BIRP and didn't think that there might be some shader installation required, but I clicked that button and that solved it. 

But follow-up question now -- I stamped one custom stamp on the central terrain in a 3x3 grid, but how do I select another terrain tile to apply another stamp to?



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While the stamper is selected just use these errors and move the stamper to the other bits of terrain: 
This is the stamper transform. If you are on Windows - then you can hit the "W" key for these arrows. 
Then move the stamper around the scene. Additionally, you can just adjust the transform in the Stamper inspector. 

After you go over the terrain you want to stamp on you can then change the stamp by either dragging a heightmap or exr file to the stamp image in the inspector or hit the stamps button next to it for the browser window of our preset stamps: 

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