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Removing Gaia from my game


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I am having trouble troubleshooting some issues I am having in my game that uses both Gaia and Game Creator.  I want to remove Gaia to see if that is the source of my issues.  Is there a way to remove it from my Unity Project?  At least until I troubleshoot.

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Hi @Flapman007 it should be relatively safe to remove the Installation directory (Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia). This contains the "program part" of Gaia and can be restored relatively easily be re-importing the Gaia package.

You should NOT remove the "Gaia User Data" folder as this usually contains data from your scenes, e.g. the height data from the terrains, scene files, session information files etc. Without this folder you will most likely not be able to perform any investigations of sorts anymore as your scenes will simply be broken.

Depending on what Gaia tools and components you use in the scene, you might see error messages about missing components (e.g. if you use the Gaia water in the scene, the water will not render correctly anymore since things like shaders, textures, etc. have been removed with the Gaia installation). To get rid off such issues, you would need to remove all remaining Gaia objects in the scene.
Restoring those back into their original state after you deleted them might be tricky, so I would recommend to make 100% sure that you have a complete backup of your project so nothing can get lost. It might probably be easiest to create a copy of your entire project, and delete the Gaia installation folder in that "investigation copy" - In this way you have a project that you can safely "ruin" for the purpose of the investigation, once the investigation is done you can simply delete that project and continue working on your main project.

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Thanks Peter.  I will take those steps.  I am trying other steps first but wanted to know just in case.

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