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[Issue] Cannot set Mask Map Exporter larger then 2k


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Sorry if this is a duplicate I tried searching but couldn’t find the answer.

I updated Gaia (and Unity to get around the nested class list bug) and now in new scenes I can’t set the export radius any higher then 2047.

I’ve tried manually adjusting many settings around the world height ‘ width but it now seems locked to 2047.

the odd thing is other scenes created before work as expected and I can adjust the coverage slider up to even 8k on another world but I cannot recreate them anymore.

our world isn’t that big (4x4) and we even shrunk it to see if it was - didn’t change the limit.

any help would be greatly appreciated

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I feel like I had this issue before months ago but easily side stepped it. Nothing used before though seems to unlock the range sadly 

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The range does have a lock, you should still be able to set up the masks and then spawn world. 
You wouldnt be able to spawn local if you are trying to get past that range. 


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Thank you for getting back to me @Bryan. Tried to chunk things out to not slow you down.
In advance let me know if you need any examples or clarification. Thank you for the interim workaround

Interim Workaround - So simple it hurts but it works!.

I started a fresh project and I was able to use the Mask Map Exporter's Spawn World button / function to get full world coverage. I'm going to attempt it on the old projects again shortly after re-importing the project & Gaia maintenance to ensure there's not other errors potentially in the mix. Thank you for that!

Q1: Lingering Questions around Functionality changes

In the meantime can I ask what changed to make it "lockdown" to low values despite the world size?
Given the functionality we were used to - it feels like a bug to be totally honest from the user side.

We can actually still see the preview actually reaching the proper size of our world (again just a 'basic' gaia setup) when we hit the 'Fit To World' button. Have we got a setting wrong somewhere to cause it to hit a 'early ceiling' for the range?

Context for User Concern

In previous version of Gaia we were using before updating to the latest on Canopy - the range slider could go up to 8k provided your world was setup correctly. As of right now In our old projects it's now locked to 2047 and in new projects it's 1023.

However it seems some other part of the Gaia system will immediately recorrect the value and drop it back down to the "low lockdown value". I can provide video of this behaviour if you'd like.

Q2: Regaining Preview Functionality

While Spawn World works - is there any way to set the Mask Map Rage value to be proximate to world size (as it was before) so we can begin making masks how we were in the spring?

Admittedly personally I can get by on my own mental model of the world but not all of my art team is as comfortable 'flying blind' when working with multiple layers of Mask Map Channel Rules. They are wasting a fair bit of time seeing the full preview coverage their used to and having to go back and forth between unity and Affinity to finesse them.

Thank you once again for your time

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context & clarity & brevity (hopefully
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The range is determined by the Height Resolution and the terrain size. 
You could still go to the maximum size and then move across the world to get an idea of the areas that are not visualized. 
The reason for the cap is so that Unity doesn't crash (really just limitations). 
You should be able to export world even though the range doesn't cover the entire world. 


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