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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, To reduce this down to the problem and a understandable scope: World Setup Context Effectively I am trying to spawn two biomes in my world. The world is comprised of multiple terrain tiles. One biome rings / surrounds the perimeter of the other. The biomes are designated by worldspace image masks. There is a 'Base biome' that comprised of 3 simple rules for height that is applied usually before the others - this is also the 'perimeter' biomes texture set. The biome in the center's texture set is distinct and should 'override' any textures it should encounter in it's spawn rules. Issue Context: Textures Vs Image Masks I am having problems with a few things around the image masks. Bug - After using the image masks spawn - the world tends to get 'silently' offset which is easily fixed using Gaia's offset controls but wastes time Bug- The range of the spawner always resets after use. While this may be needed to spawn across the smaller tiles - it leaves the biome / spawner controller set improperly from how the user had it before Critical Issue - The texture paints from the spawner are applying only to 'random' tiles within the mask this feels connected to the above - I've noticed that the shape of my image mask is often applied across the terrain in 'random places' Critical Issue -The texture paint does not fade out or blend the spawned textures rules but rather paints them with ugly sharp corners according to the terrain tile Examples Attached (removed other the 'base biome' to focus only on the problem image mask biome):
  2. Hello, I've made a basic spawner with a collection of a few prefabs and am trying to spawn it along a Gena Spline. When I click Spawn or Iterate it flashes for a second but nothing actually spawns or appears along the spline. I tossed on a road component and that displays just fine along the spline. Nothing is in the console and nothing is reported when I click spawn / iterate. I don't think I've made anything particularly complex here. Is there something I should know about with Spawners & Splines thats not in the documentation? Or is this a bug? Thank you!
  3. Hello When I'm going through the workflow of setting up my 'full' terrain setup - I've noticed that the 'stamped terrain' (as in the terrain created by the terrain stamper not the preview) becomes offset from the "world origin". Practically this means if i 'fit to world' with the terrain stamper - the next time I 'fit to world' with a biome it's offset from the 'original world origin'. I am not translating the world at all. I suspect it has to do with the terrain scenes becoming unloaded and then loading in at a different origin in the editor space. I'm hoping this is a simple workflow error I've made but I'd like to have everything 'fitting' into the same world-space from the same origins. I am using pretty much stock Gaia everything. hope this makes sense - happy to clarify
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