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Unendless Importing blocks code recompiling

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After spawning of player character with attached Terrain Loader on him everyone in team (10+ppl) getting unendless Import windows, which blocks code recompiling, so we have to close editor and open it again to apply recompile. Problem persists even if we set session loader to locked mode. Before we worked 4 months without that issue, and after some commit (we can't rollback, because regenerationg biomes is pain, and have lots of stuff changed) that problem raised.

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Hi @nhunter, the file that is being reimported is the Terrain Scenes Data Storage, this is usually referenced on top of the Terrain Loader Manager here:


The strange thing is there should be no reason for unity to reimport that file at that point during runtime - if the file is already created (which it should, otherwise it would not be possible for you to work on your scene to begin with), the Terrain Loader Manager should then use the reference to that file and no import should take place anymore. 
In the Gaia code we trigger an import for this file on two occasions: 
 - When we create a new world with terrain loading and the file is being created initially
 - When the reference to the file is lost / the file cannot be loaded but there are terrain scenes stored in the "Terrain Scenes" folder inside the session folder - in this case we try to create a new Terrain Scenes Storage file from scratch from the data found in the scene files.

Since you spawn your own players I assume you are familiar with coding, could you please add a breakpoint on line 175 in the TerrainLoaderManager.cs and see if the code execution arrives there in debugging when the player is being spawned?


If it does, we would need to find out why / when the reference to the Terrain Scenes file is being lost. If this is not the cause for the import dialogue, then it gets interesting, because I could not say where this window is coming from then.

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Hi all, 

I had an issue similar to this a few months ago on a project I was working on, not quite sure if it's the same problem but it looks very similar. At the time, working in Unity was a nightmare because for some reason, the editor kept re-importing my assets, it was taking me hours to complete simple tasks because of the constant re-importing of assets and I knew it wasn't my machine being slow because I have a really decent set up.

Anyways, the issue turned out to be a Unity bug. When I first started that project, I was not having the issue, I left the project for a few months before coming back to it and that's when the issue came to light.

Again this may or may not be the same issue, but it sounds similar and I remember finding forums such as:

So just something that might be worth looking into, on the chance that it might be a Unity editor issue rather than a Gaia one, either way, it sucks when things like this happen and slow down productivity so, hope you and your team can find a solution 

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