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Gaia Pro 2023 4.0.8

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What's New in Version 4.0.8   See changelog


  • Gaia will now default to scene view loading first when a world with terrain loading is created. This means Gaia will automatically load in and out the terrains based on the scene view camera during design time.
  • Added an option for terrain loading to automatically show terrain bounding boxes when all terrains are unloaded - this helps to navigate your world when all terrains are unloaded. (Can be enabled / disabled in the Terrain Loader Manager)
  • Added an "Go To Terrain" button that will move the scene view back to the closest terrain. (Can be enabled / disabled in the Terrain Loader Manager)
  • Added an option to add the loading screen directly during world creation both in the Gaia Manager and the World designer (You can still add and remove the loading screen from the runtime tab as before as well)
  • Improved handling for "unsafe" special characters in biome & spawner names when saving the biome.
  • Fixed problems when the user did not save the scene when prompted by Gaia before World Creation
  • Added an option to use a VR-friendly water shader for the Gaia Water in URP
  • Fixed a bug where the world designer would initially not use the correct tile height as shown in the Gaia Manager
  • Fixed a bug where switching between unity and another application during world creation could lead to problems with the generated terrains.
  • Fixed a bug with the Fly cam script when building for Android
  • Fixed "shiny" terrain textures in URP in the synty biome
  • Fixed issues with exporting from the world designer when the terrains from a previous run were turned into prefabs
  • Added a check on package import that will add biomes from spawner packs automatically to the Gaia Manager
  • Fixed a bug with water height when creating new scenes with different sea level
  • Fixed player spawning under water when there was a lake in the middle of the created terrain
  • Fixed a bug where custom lighting presets would fall back to the original Gaia profiles when the scene was not saved before closing it
  • Fixed visual issues with the lighting setup in HDRP
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