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Gaia Pro 2023

Craft Stunning 3D Worlds in Minutes with Gaia Pro 2023!

Gaia makes it easy and fast to create beautiful worlds for console, desktop, mobile & VR. The 2023 release offers more control, flexibility, and support for the latest Unity features, along with a new and streamlined install.

Winner of Unity's "Best Artistic Tool" award, the wizard-based Gaia simplifies terraforming, texturing, and placement for stylized to photorealistic worlds. Gaia makes generating detailed scenes and levels easy and fast, eliminating weeks of manual work.

The new modular 2023 version lets you choose which components to install to save space in your project. New features include GPU terrain rendering, touch controls, streamlined pipelines, and support from Unity 2022.3 onwards. Backed by the Canopy Community's forums, tutorials, and active user base, Gaia saves you weeks of work by automating environment creation from start to finish.

New and updated features in Gaia Pro 2023:

  • Removed legacy content and systems.
  • Improved runtime system: Decoupled components, simplified.
  • Modular installation saves space, reduces import time, and build size.
  • Project Settings panel lists issues with the project and offers automatic fixes.
  • Support for Unity’s new first-person and third-person character controllers.
  • Support and continued development for Unity version 2022.3 and upwards.
  • Support for Unity’s GPU instanced terrain detail (grass) rendering.
  • Support for Assembly definition files for faster compile times.
  • Reorganized folder structure to align with best practice.
  • Removed dependency on Unity’s old input system.
  • Integration of Unity's new HDRP Water system.
  • Improved render pipeline setup process.
  • New HDRP lighting presets.

These new features provide a more refined world-building experience that allows you to bring your creative ideas to life faster and with higher production value. Gaia supports Mobile and VR too!

Why we think you'll like Gaia:

Gaia gives you the workflow you prefer, from artist-driven to fully procedural, to deliver simple, fast, and pretty terra-forming, texturing, planting and placement for everything from low poly stylized through to high-end photo-realistic environments.

Gaia saves time, money, and frustration, by integrating what would typically be many expensive and complicated systems into one simple wizard-based system that automates the majority of the effort needed to make playable levels.

Gaia is backed by our Canopy Community, with forums, a library with video and written articles that go over and above to teach you not only about Gaia but also things like level design, lighting, optimization, and more, and you can share your journey with our thriving and helpful community.

Gaia is extensible. We have created Game Ready Levels, Procedural Spawner Packs, Stamp Packs, and Micro Biomes that make creating new and exciting variations on your levels easy. With GeNa Pro, you can further dress your levels to add roads, rivers, lakes, spline-based extrusions, and even sophisticated procedural structures and villages to make your scenes more interesting.

Gaia is used in education, defense, simulations, and games such as Zenith, Last Epoch, and Crowfall. Even NASA uses Gaia! Gaia has consistently been among the most popular tools on the asset store and was awarded "Best Artistic Tool" in the 2020 Unity Awards. Gaia Pro 2023 further evolves the platinum standard for world generation.

Gaia turns weeks and months of effort into hours and days, and with your beautiful worlds sorted, you can focus on creating the gameplay that matters.

Sample Assets

In addition to the assets that come with Gaia, we are pleased to include sample assets from Synty Studios and 3D Forge. Please go check them out!

Video Montage Notes

The video montage shows a range of scenes created with Gaia, in conjunction with other amazing assets and tools i.e. it shows what is possible with some creativity and effort with Gaia. The video montage was created at design time, and the video snippets were created using Pegasus and recorded with Unity Recorder. Gaia is a design-time tool and does not support world generation at runtime.

Supported Unity Versions & Pipelines

Gaia Pro 2023 is fully supported and compatible with Unity 2022.3 LTS and upwards and supports all render pipelines.

Typical Workflow

With Gaia you will:

  • Select your world size, biome, and target platform
  • Procedurally (or manually) generate your base terrain
  • Procedurally texture, plant, and populate based on the biome you choose
  • Optionally export versions of your world optimized for mobile or MMO's
  • Set your lighting, wind, water, controllers, culling, and post fx with a click
  • Press play and explore your world.

List of Features and Assets

Gaia 2023:

  • GPU accelerated stamping & spawning
  • Multi-terrain support for larger environments
  • Wizard-driven setup optimized for the target platform
  • Modular design, use as much or as little as you want
  • Gaia Water System with water shaders & underwater effects
  • Standard Unity approach to maximize compatibility with other tools
  • Integration of Unity's First and Third Person Controller (with touch controls)
  • Powerful Masking system: Control where assets appear by height, slope, etc.
  • Use our content or bring your own to customize your look with our powerful and extensible biome system
  • Design your world by mixing and matching stamps with real-time previews
  • Includes mesh and vegetation shaders with weather support
  • World Designer - fully procedural world generator
  • Integration of Unity's HDRP Water system
  • Mesh conversion - terrain to mesh
  • Builtin, URP, and HDRP support
  • Lighting, Post FX, Sound FX

Gaia Pro 2023 - Gaia 2023 PLUS:

  • Multiple pre-configured biomes
  • Massive world support with streaming
  • Additional stamping, erosion & masking operations
  • Low-poly-style & impostor mesh terrain conversion
  • Modular design, use as much or as little as you want
  • HQ photogrammetry enhanced biome assets & presets
  • Terrain addition / deletion support - dynamically grow your world
  • Biome-Based Stamping - shape your terrain as part of your biome
  • Multiple skies, lighting (including time of day), VFX & sound fx systems
  • MMO-friendly export for client/server (colliders / addressables)
  • Terrain Stitching - dynamically connect terrains to remove gaps
  • Weather system with rain and snow support (Built-In and URP)
  • GAIA API - call Gaia functions within the editor

Gaia Pro 2023 assets and biomes:

  • 9 mesh-based flowers
  • 20 matched PBR terrain texture sets
  • 45 photogrammetry-enhanced trees
  • 11 photogrammetry-enhanced rocks and stones
  • 30 plants and ground covers including mushrooms, flowers, berries & bushes
  • 5 particle systems including birds, butterflies, dust embers, leaves and pollen
  • 5 audio zones, and multiple music tracks and sound fx
  • Multiple skies and matched lighting and post-fx
  • GPU instanced terrain details

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