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GeNa Pro

Create beautiful scenes fast with GeNa Pro!

Save time and money by quickly creating beautiful levels for your game so that you can focus on the game play that matters and get to market faster.

Great level design is fun until it's not! Manually shaping your terrain and perfectly placing tens of thousands of objects into your scene is a meticulous process that takes huge amounts of time, and more often than not will look bland as designer fatigue sets in.  By comparison, GeNa Pro gives you what you want, where you want it, and perfectly adapted to it's environment in a fraction of the time that it would take to do by hand. And if you don't like what GeNa does for you the first time then hit 'iterate' until you do and GeNa will create variations for you!

GeNa Pro can spawn anything. It can make forests, rivers and roads along splines, place buildings and automatically clear and flatten the terrain, and can even make entire maps as it intelligently scans your terrain and chooses the best places to create villages and towns and connect them with roads. It is incredible how powerful GeNa is.  GeNa Pro also comes with a powerful decorator system that allows you to influence how your content is placed into your scene. Flatten terrain and clear trees and details under your buildings, snap things to the ground, add in random variation, create sophisticated super spawners out of libraries of sub spawners and much more!

GeNa Pro is the perfect companion to Gaia Pro 2021 (Best Artistic Tool - Unity Awards 2020) by design and was inspired by our collaboration with Crowfall where GeNa and Gaia were used extensively! In fact, in the video on their home page Gaia & GeNa created the environment, and Pegasus did the camera fly throughs and character movement. Good tools and amazing talent make magic!

As powerful at runtime as it is at design time, GeNa Pro was designed with runtime API control and extensibility in mind, so you can extend GeNa Pro and embed it into your own solutions.  As a FREE bonus, GeNa Pro comes with spawner packs for Gaia Pro 2021, and the free Flooded Grounds modular asset pack so that it is simple and fast to create environments that 'just work', and you can be up and running in your own amazing levels within minutes. Keep an eye out as we introduce more spawner packs in the future!

GeNa Pro consists of the following major components:

  • GeNa Spawners: Spawn assets into scenes.
  • GeNa Map Builder: Procedurally create and connects towns.
  • GeNa Decorators: Decorate assets with logic that influences spawning.
  • GeNa Splines: Defines paths for Spawners & Spline Extensions.
  • GeNa Rivers: A specialized spline extension for river networks.
  • GeNa Roads: A specialized spline extension for road networks.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy to use.
  • Nicer environments.
  • Massive time savings.
  • Replicable quality through automation.
  • Better frame rates (dependent on situation).
  • Better lighting.
  • Fun!

Key Features:

  • Single, global, paint, spline & map-based spawn modes.
  • Extensible spawner, decorator and spline and city building systems.
  • Spawn textures, grasses, trees, prefabs, structures, towns, rivers, roads.
  • Automated map generation system finds optimal spaces for villages, spawns them, and then connects them with roads.
  • Automated road generation system grade-based path finding.
  • Automated river generation system with flow-based path finding.
  • Works on terrains and meshes across multiple terrain tiles.
  • Automated prefab optimization system.
  • Automated light probe placement.
  • Edit and runtime spawning modes.
  • In editor physics-based spawning.
  • API controllable.

Supported Pipelines:

  • GeNa needs compute shader support to work.
  • Pipeline agnostic, we spawn whatever you put in.
  • River shader currently supports built in. Multi-pipeline support will be added in a later release. Swap in own shader for your preferred pipeline.








1 file

  1. GeNa Pro

    Added support for Unity 2023 onwards. Bug Fixes:
    Fixed bug with missing reference exception in the GrowthDecorator coroutine. Fixed bug with FindObjectOfType missing references. Fixed a tonne of warnings regarding the new 'FindObjectByType' system in Unity. Fixed null references caused by missing TerrainData.



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