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Detect if an unit is on a road?


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I have tried several possibilities, but nothing works.

I have seen that the roads tags and layers are upated on start to "ground" and I can't use a raycast if I understand well.

Is there a known solution?

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I have set the tag "Roads" to the Road Meshes empty.

Trying the following code, but sometimes it finds that the character is out of the road:

Ray myRay2 = new Ray(transform.position, -transform.up);
RaycastHit hitInfo2;

if (Physics.Raycast(myRay2, out hitInfo2, 100)) {
    if (hitInfo2.collider.transform.parent.tag == "Roads") {
        Debug.Log("On the road again!");
    else {


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Can you show me where the tag gets set to ground when you specify "roads"?
Is this when you click Play or during a build?


One thing that you might try is to lift the starting point for the raycast up a bit.

Ray myRay2 = new Ray(transform.position + Vector3.up, -transform.up);

That begins the raycast 1 unit above the position.

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Another question, @Znimu

Why are you checking the 


instead of 




Are the mesh gameobjects not tagged?

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The way I detect a road for my city generator is that I do a box cast down and I filter out all the hits that don't contain the GeNaRoad component. I tried to keep from adding any different layers or tags in my project other than what is already in the Procedural Worlds Assets. You'll wanna do a foreach loop on the hits. So run the Physics.Boxcast(new Vector3(ThePositionOfYourTransform.x,ThePositionOfYourTransform.y+SomeAddedHeightSoYouDefinitelyAreAboveTheTerrain,ThePositionOfYourTransform.z ), Vector3.down, out hits, lengthToCast). Then foreach(raycastHit hit in hits) you'd wanna check if the hit collider can find the GeNaRoad component in the hit gameobject of the collider. So basically if (!hit.collider.getcomponent<GeNaRoad>()) then continue and else return the type you want to find. Probably the collider or GameObject. I found it difficult to reliably detect the road just using a raycast. I don't know why. But I did read that it's harder to detect nonconvex mesh colliders. You'd best run this in its own method and not in update because it requires looping.

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