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No Footstep Sounds on Terrain with GTS Applied


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Hello. I'm currently working on using an asset called 'Footstepper' to play footsteps based on textures generated with GTS on a terrain. This asset recognizes the texture of the terrain at the position where a raycast collides and can play a pre-set sound. When running in the editor, I can successfully produce the sound. However, after building the game, there is no sound.

Upon investigation, I've discovered that the Terrain Layers of the TerrainData are disappearing after the build. Terrain Layers are necessary to produce sound. How can I ensure that Terrain Layers are present in the game after building?

I tried adding a Terrain Layer file during runtime using the Layer, but it resulted in only one sound being played, or a black texture being generated, and it didn't work as expected.

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As a temporary solution, after applying the Profile in GTS Manager, pressing 'Remove Profile' and putting it in the 'Profile not active in Scene' state allowed me to play footsteps while maintaining a beautiful appearance. It's also possible to execute 'Apply Profile' again from the script, but it doesn't seem necessary since the visual aspect is not affected.

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You are accurate in your assumption that the Terrain Layers are intentionally omitted from the build within the GTS framework. This exclusion is by design, as we do not leverage the Terrain Layers subsequent to executing the 'Apply Profile' operation. The rationale behind this approach is that a duplicate of the Terrain Layers is created and transferred to the 'GTS Terrain Layer,' which is then utilized for visual representation.

We do not plan on adding this in the future. 


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