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Job - Environment Artist - Create Campaign World Map (Gaia + GeNa)

Summit Studios

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Hello Gaia experts!


I'm currently out head hunting for a talented games environment artist to join our team at Summit Studios. We're looking to take somebody on full time for an initial 6-month basis (40 hour weekly £12-£15 ph) Ultimately (if our project goes well!) we'd look to convert that into a permanent position. Though we're based in the UK, this is a remote position open to any qualified candidate worldwide.

We're already using Gaia Pro and GeNa in-house to produce a large number of smaller scenes, but we need a dedicated artist with a more in-depth understanding of the tools to take charge of the world's campaign map. We need the artist to be very comfortable working with Unity and SECTR to ensure the terrain is as optimised as possible to work on both mobile and PC platforms.

In a nutshell, the planned campaign map is colossal; we want to split the map into 13 zones, each with a different biome. Many of the biomes Gaia can do comfortably by default but some of them will need the artist to be able to set up their own custom biomes inside of Gaia. We have several prop and texture artists on the team that can help with this, but the hired individual will need to know what to ask for and how to configure these. Each biome needs to be large enough to house up to 1000 small town hall models, each one representing a player settlement. We are currently using a placeholder campaign map with isometric camera controls and have script functionality for opening these settlements up into separate, smaller scenes that our current artists are working on.

The best example we can find for reference is the sprawling world map from Total War: Warhammer https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/770615598294902152/D0723A62A63944CF9168D822B3A4EBC7E21E6858/. Due to the size we are aiming for, we would not allow the camera to zoom too far down to help keep resources lighter. We'll have a much higher settlement density, so in the example above, we could aim to have 200-300 settlements from that particular view/altitude.

If anyone here is interested in this role and believe they can help make this ambition into a reality, please don't hesitate to reach me by email. I can arrange an informal chat/call to discuss more specifics or schedule a more formal NDA signed interview to talk more openly about the overall project.

Thanks for reading! Please find link to our ArtStation job listing below:



Best regards,

Ben Woodcock



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