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details/trees respawning inside custom spawned building


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I have got the flooded grounds content pack, and have placed the cabins 01 down and it removes all the trees/details as required using its decorators, when i regenerate the trees/details in gaia (via spawn biome) they correctly avoid the spawned cabins 01 areas. All good.

Now trying to the same with my own spawner + building, I have build a customer spawner and building with decorators to remove details/trees as required and when i spawn this building using this custom spawner it correctly applies those decorators and removes trees/details as needed. However unlike the cabins 01 spawner, when i regereate trees/details (via spawn biome) it does not avoid the areas i have defined in the decorators. Is there a step i'm missing or is it not possible to do what I am doing and I will have to avoid using "spawn biome" as soon as I start spawning stuff with gena?


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It looks like the flooded grounds is also not replaying its decorators - its justs the fact the objects were in the PW_Objects_Large layer the trees/grass was not encrouching on gaia respawn of biome. So it looks like the workflow you are meant to use is spawn biome -> use gena spawners to populate and use undo if you are unhappy with spawn. Although if I change my mind on the placement of complex prefabs later on, its impossible to restore that specific area to what is was when gaia generated it.

May I suggest a feature - Paint from backup - where in the session manager you can backup heightmap/grass/trees as a checkpoint and then have a tool that can selectively 'paint' from this backup onto the current terrain using a brush. Perhaps with checkbox filter to selectively restore heightmap, grass, trees. Perhaps have option for the backup to be auto created when gaia generates heightmap & biome.

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