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Built-In vs. URP?


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I've read about a dozen threads on the Unity forums so far by Unity veterans who are telling us that URP sucks -- it uses way more RAM and runs way slower.    My own quick test (1000 non-instanced simple dancing models) - produced the same result (FPS for built-in is 2.5x faster than URP).

So we're leaning towards developing our game with the Built-in pipeline entirely. 

I'd like to hear some opinions from others here on this topic.

So far, I haven't found any Unity officials even willing to acknowledge this proven (time and again) critical performance (memory and FPS) issues for URP out-of-box.  Their silence, to me, indicates that they don't have any answers to this problem yet (maybe ever?).

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Its hard to say and really depends on you, and what you can achieve. 
You will need to do heavy optimization, in all pipelines for performance. 

I would say that recently, I have seen that URP and HDRP have been a lot better compared to the past. 
From the built-in side there is a lot you can do with it, remember that the original design of the built in render pipeline was meant to be really open to all sorts of use cases. 

I think URP is a solid pipeline for performance like I said if you can optimize it accordingly. 

I also think that you need to see what features comes with URP and if they are worth it to you.

That might be a good place to start, hopefully this helps! 


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