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Help trying to convert to URP but everything turns pink


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Help trying to convert to URP but everything turns pink. Not sure what I am doing wrong here but I installed URP then then Window>Rendering>Convert> and chose URP and still pink!

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When I converted my sample project to test out URP - I right-clicked each material I was using and selected Convert to URP.   It was a few weeks ago, so I don't have a screenshot of it.

After converting, though, my FPS went from 40 FPS to 17 FPS!...  (sample project with 1000 non-instanced Dancing girls)   So our plan, tentatively/currently, is to go with the Built-in Pipeline instead.

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Did you also go to the Gaia Manager, and then go to settings and change the render settings to URP? 
Then you would need to install shaders, etc. 

From there I would then go to edit, render settings, materials, and then upgrade / convert. 
This is the typical route that I take and I dont ever have an issue with it. 


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Bryan, I haven't done any Gaia URP perf/memory testing yet.   I assume your team has done plenty of profiling here.  How is Gaia holding up under the URP, compared to the built-in pipeline?   (memory and FPS, mainly)

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I have never had any issue. That said every project is different and you do have a lot more options with URP than built-in. 
Personally I have seen URP perform better than built-in but you need to optimize your game/project. 

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