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Combing LODS

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On a test scene (using Flooded Grounds asset + gaia  2021 pro + gena pro) I am finding that optimizing Cabins 01 prefab spawned into the scene it is taking the LOD game objects and combing them as normal objects so ultimately causing lots of Z fighting in the optimized result as its basically creating 3 sets of objects on same spot. The LODS work as normal for the unoptimized scene.

Does it not work with objects with LODS?

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Hey Manny,


I am seeing something very similar. I captured a screen shot of the original LOD'd game object and then the resulting Optimized object:

Original LOD game object.png

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I bought Scene Optimizer today.
  and it doesn't work, it doesn't optimize
from 30 fps drops to 12 - 15 fps
I did as in the tutorial and in the test it doesn't work.
without debug performance does not optimize .
from 30 fps drops to 12 - 15 fps
  my project has all LODS objects.


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Comprei o Scene Optimizer hoje.
  e não funciona, meu projeto aparece com
30 fps depois otimizado é de 12 fps15.
Fiz como no tutorial e
cliquei em desempenho de depuração não otimiza.
-------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------
Relacionando mais erros de
Ocorreu um erro no cálculo dos dados do oclusor:
na Fase Fortaleza
-------------------------------------------------------------- -- -- -----------------------------
  meu projeto tem todos os objetos LODS.


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Hi @hélio, Scene Optimizer works by combining static objects that share the same material into a single, larger objects to reduce draw calls. Can you please show us in some screenshots where you have multiple objects that share the same material that are not combined by Scene optimizer correctly?

The error message you sent in the second screenshot is out of unity's occlusion baking system, this is not a system we develop. This seems to be a general error that has nothing to do with Scene Optimizer, you can find more information about this error in this blogpost from Unity:


and more info by users discussing it here:



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