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[FeatureRequest] Streaming QuickSwitch


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Hello 🙂
Could you add a quick switch for Streaming on Gaia pro ? When we work on a big map project, we like to disable it on big computer for comfortability, when otherwise on light computer it need to be activated (or the unity will crash).

Thanks in advance 😉

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You could enable World Streaming through the Gaia Manager. 
For your big map projects on the better pc you have the option to load all terrains in and work on all of them. 
Just need to click on the Terrain Manager in the hierarchy, and then click terrains load all. 

For the light pc's you can unload all terrains and then keep the terrain loader operations on (ie when you select the biome it will only enable the terrains that it would affect, etc.). 


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thanks for your answer 😉
I'll try to add terrain streaming on the map, this wasn't activatited already on it.

I've seen the general advice in the tuto about update runtime feature, does I need to take a particular care about the terrain streaming feature ?


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The terrain streaming is useful, but depending on world size it may not be needed. 
It would also matter for computer specs to help you not run into lags working in the editor etc. 

You would enable world streaming through the creation tab of the Gaia Manager. 
If you have a pre existing world it does require a few extra steps, but still might be worth it. 
You would need to use the Scanner tool (located in the Gaia Manager - Advanced tab - Tools - Scanner), then scan the terrain. 
This will create a .exr file of the terrain that will be a stamp. 

Then you can use the Gaia Manager - Creation tab - World Size: you can break your terrain into a multi-terrain setup. 
Lower is better just more terrains. 

Example instead of a single 16k terrain I would go 2x2 world size 4k terrains or even lower and do 4x4 terrains at 1024. etc. 

When that is selected you would want to create terrain scenes. 

Use the manual with stamper route, and then you will find your previous world, and stamp the terrain. 

Then continue your development as normal. On the higher end machines - you could have all the terrain loaded all the time (depending on world size). 

Lower end machines (you can unload most of them besides what you need to work on). 

Hopefully this helps! 


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