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Error from Gaia when using Unity Assemblies


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My project build times are taking ages so I've tried to use Unity's assemblies to speed things up.

However, when I add an assembly to the Procedural Worlds folder I get the following error (and a load more like it).  Does anyone know how to fix this?


Assets\Procedural Worlds\Gaia\Scripts\API\GaiaAPI.cs(17,29): error CS0234: The type or namespace name 'Universal' does not exist in the namespace 'UnityEngine.Rendering' (are you missing an assembly reference?)


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It sounds like you are using URP, because the code line that throws the error would only be active if URP is being used. If that is the case, you would need to add references to "UnityEngine.Rendering.Universal" in the assembly definition file. Note though that you cannot just put a single assembly definition file at the root of the folder, since many script folders of Gaia contain editor folders that need to be compiled separately from the rest of the code.

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Hmm - I tried doing that, but "UnityEngine.Rendering.Universal" isn't showing up as a valid reference.

Does anyone know if URP supports assemblies at all?  Alternatively, are there any other ways the PW code can be pre-compiled so it doesn't need to be recompiled on every other change made elsewhere in the project?

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Ah - finally got it working.  The reference names were just misleading.

For anyone else who hits the same issue, the URP assembly definitions needed are "Unity.RenderPipelines.Core.Runtime" and "Unity.RenderPipelines.Universal.Runtime"

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