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Low Rocky Hills Stamp Pack


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This stamp pack contains 10 low rocky hills stamps that can be downloaded from here for Pro and Studio subscribers.

These are designed to be used as filler terrain, and mixed and matched with other stamps.

Here, the hills have been scaled up... so they stand quite high.

Grab 20211224084443 w1920h1080 x1096y224z-87r274.jpg

And here it is quite low.. good as a base for other stamps.

Grab 20211224084711 w1920h1080 x1134y143z-123r274.jpg

And here I have added in a distant Nordic Mountain stamp and spawned in just the textures, grass, and shrubs from the alpine biome in Gaia to create a tundra feel. This is only a 2km terrain, but it feels larger. This is because i position and size my stamps so that they are smaller to create the sense of distance and scale. I have also used a bit of fog and some depth of field to create this effect as well.

Grab 20211224090024 w1920h1080 x784y65z-112r256.jpg

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