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No leaves on trees created from new spawner


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I'm trying to bring in trees from various assets I own (non procedural worlds).  Some work, but most create a tree on it's side and without leaves.  It appears the leaves are separate from the trunk in these examples.  Any tutorials/tips on preparing assets like these so they spawn using Gaia 2021?  I'd really like to have some tree diversity but can't afford pro, so any recommendations on other assets store assets that would work and be cheaper would also be greatly appreciated.

Unity 2021.3.2f1.110

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@dupdup For a bit of technical background: When spawning trees with Gaia, Gaia takes the tree prefab that is used in the resource setting of the spawner and stuffs it like this into the terrain tree system of unity - if the trees are not rendering correctly it is most likely an issue that the tree prefab that you used does not render correctly in the terrain tree system of unity.
To check if this is the case, you can try to put the terrain tree into the terrain tree system manually via the terrain inspector - if you paint trees on the terrain, do they render correctly, or are they also displaying without the leaves?
If they are rendering without leaves as well, you would need to find out what it is that the terrain tree system does not like about those trees, normally it should work to put any prefab with multiple LODs in there to render it as trees, but if the prefab is set up in an unusual fashion or the shader for the leaves has certain requirements it could be that it causes issues.

What should work in any case is if you change the resource type of the tree spawn rule to "Game Object" instead. This would bypass the terrain tree system of unity and put the prefab into the scene as a regular game object. This has the advantage that you have one individual game object each per tree, that you have fully control over (e.g. for harvesting) but gives worse performance.

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