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Not Game Ready?

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I purchased the Mountain Valley - HDRP - Game Ready Level as I wanted to use something that is game ready, however after setting everything up I can see that the combine mesh colliders are not working correctly. I was later informed that if I purchased the Scene Optimizer that I could fix them, so I did and I followed the steps and the issue still remains in the current version 1.0.7. I'm also seeing the rocks, path and the fence from different layers getting combined together, which seems very strange? Another issue I have is a load of the prefabs are missing after installing the Fantasy Kingdom - Spawner Pack, e.g


Please help!

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Hi @Ryan, we were able to reproduce the issue after you reported it yesterday, we are working on an updated version of the levels. Getting the scene optimizer was a suggestion and re-applying the optimizations yourself was meant mostly as a suggestion if you do not want to wait for us until we publish the fixed version of the level.
It is strange though that you still see the issue after running the optimizer yourself - the game ready levels were made with an very early version of the scene optimizer so we were assuming that was a bug with collider scaling that was fixed until then - we need to see what the results are from the colleagues who are looking into this issue.

We looked into the other issue with the missing prefabs - it looks like the original Synty POLYGON Fantasy Kingdom package was updated since we built the spawner pack, and now there are some prefabs missing in there. For example if looking at the prefab "SM_Item_Broom3", in an earlier version of the synty pack this is a prefab sitting under 


In the latest version of the package, this prefab does not exist anymore, although the model/mesh files still exist:



We believe that might potentially be an issue in the original synty package - we could fix this in our spawner pack by creating those prefabs ourselves and including them in our pack, this might however create issues if synty decides to later include the prefabs back in again. We will try to contact synty to see if this is an intended change or if it is an accidental mistake.

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When I press cancel on the optimised scene button I get errors.
Okay, this is when clicking on the resources one, I guess I should not click there?



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These errors are basic Unity errors that happen regardless if Procedural Worlds products or any publishers products are in Unity are not. 

I believe this error has to do with Unity's GUID system. 
There is nothing we can do about this error. 

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