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Conclusion to the game jam!


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Procedural Worlds just hosted its first ever game jam: #NaturesBeauty! 
The game jam was hosted by Bryan Marsh, Manny, The Messy Coder and special guest Adam Goodrich founder of Procedural Worlds. 
All that was required to participate in the game jam was to use one procedural worlds tool. 

The game jam lasted about a month Nov 24th - December 20th 2021. 
We felt that making the game jam a lot longer would allow us at actively participate in the game jam and help provide game jam tips and tricks.   

Each week we asked that all participants submit a work in progress screenshot or video. 
The results was very interesting. While some games had a clear vision of the game and other surprised us with delight. 
The work in progress weeks abled us to provide feedback of the games to add some extra value and learning of our tools. 

Over the course of the game jam we had some exciting submissions. 

The work in progress winners are as followed: 

Week 1: Larner6903  

Week 2: MeHigh

Week 3: San_io

The work in progress was again an amazing way for us to pre judge the submissions and provide critical feedback, but also allow us to see where the ideas of the theme was headed. It was additionally an amazing way to help others get some ideas for their projects. 

You can also head over to the itch.io page to see all the submissions: 

Here is the complete list of submissions: 
Alien Defence - Larner6903
Beauty of Nature - Bunny Viking
Off Road Challenge - Lucius 
Her Name is Gaia - San_io
Experiment Island - RTS Studio
It's all bryans fault - Wizzards code 
Foggy Forrest - Mehigh
Nature Photographer - Thunfischdose
Proc Worlds Game jam - Lion 
Mideval Warriors online - Cam2012
Let's Explore - Damvcool

Overall all competitors did an amazing job!!! 
Everyone should be proud of putting out their work and participating as its not always easy to show work in progress or make a game and commit to publishing. 

Here are the winners of the game jam 
1st San_io (Her name is Gaia) 
2nd Damvcool (Let's Explore)
3rd Cam2012 (Mideval Warriors Online) 

1st place - San_io - Her Name is Gaia 

This game was an exceptional use of low poly assets.  The environment was absolutely amazing! 
The game play was exceptional and really threw us off. You fly as a bird and collect flowers: 

You have to collect 8 Lotus Flowers in 3 mins: 


Was also the only VR and normal pc game play. 
Gena pro was used to make the rivers and waterfalls. 
Gaia Pro was used to make the world and place down the assets along with GeNa Pro. 

San_io did a fantastic job with breaking up the vegetation to add more vibrant colors and life to the scene. 
While the game play was simple it was exciting not running into the trees, ground, or deer. 

Overall a fantastic submission! 

Assets used:

Gaia Pro, Gena Pro, Fantasy Adventure Environment, Stylized Water 2, Stylized Grass Shader, Equilibrium VR, Nature Render.

Overall a great demonstration of our tools and use of all these products and a fantastic game! 

2nd Place - Damvcool - Let's Explore 


This submission was really interesting and compelled the judges! 
While the environment was simple the use of the theme was fantastic. 

You start off as a tree playing Mother Nature that turns into a princess who wants to wonder around the island. 

You have to go around collecting shiny stones to unlock a secret area needing 10 shiny stones in total. 


This submission has some amazing elements: 
The music was amazing and tied really well into the game not overbearing and simple yet peaceful. 

You can also secretly cheat in the game as well if you are having a hard time finding the stones. This was brilliantly implemented by talking to one of your tree sisters:  


Overall this submission was simple but elegant! Very well done. 

The environment was made with Gaia Pro 2021, GeNa Pro (path to cave), Game Creator2, Synty Fantasy Kingdom and Synty Nature Pack, Fantasy UI, and some Sounds and music was from humble bundle deal. 

3rd Place - Cam2012 - Mideval Warriors Online 

This submission was brilliant in the time of the game jam!
Managing to get multiplayer working in a game jam in a short time frame is no small task. 
While the mainframe work is atavism this was a perfect use of all these tools. 
Understanding the strengths and weakness and still participating is fantastic. 


The world is massive with quite a few points of interest. 
The vegetation is nicely done and a fantastic example of flora in Built-in. 

The questing was minimal but does have working quests and rewards. 
The mounts are well done and work properly. 
There are some optimization issues, but the game ran great while having multiple people in there. 

I do like the use of the krypto effect and it was a nice use of different assets. 


Overall it was a fantastic submission by cam2012! 

Assets used: 
Gaia Pro to make the world, GeNa Pro for the roads and rivers, Atavism for the mmo framework, Enviro for the skies and weather, krypto spell effects and horse animate for the mounts. 

Again fantastic job to everyone, and cant wait to see everyone in the next one! 

Lets build worlds together! 

~ Bryan Marsh 

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