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Terrain Loader Manager - searching terrains in range is a bit slow

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I need to write a bit of code, that checks if terrain under certain point is loaded or not (to avoid objects falling). I was looking at the code inside TerrainLoaderManager class and I found that there is foreach loop, that checks bounds of every single terrain. We have 384 terrains and it takes a while (around 2ms), so my question is: do you have any more optimise code that is able to find terrain at certain point? This should be quite easy, because terrains are organised into grid. 


Thanks in advance,


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Hi, the code piece you found was not written with performance in mind as it is only going to be called from within the editor and not permanently each frame during runtime / realtime. We do not have any optimized code for this task available at the moment.
If your terrains are all created by Gaia and you know the dimensions, you could get the terrain name according to the position by dividing the x and z position by the dimensions to figure out the terrain scene name that would contain the point.

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